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When it comes to designing websites, there are many methods and ways that can help developers invest less time in writing the code and more time in tweaking and adjusting the overall look of the website. Those who want to embed jQuery carousel and image scrollers within their projects can rely on Amazing Carousel.
The application features an intuitive graphic interface and you simply need to add the source files, choose the carousel skin then publish the result.
Amazing Carousel supports several types of source files, such as local images and MP4 videos, as well as YouTube and Vimeo videos.
When adding images, you can choose between JPEG, PNG and GIF ones, and you can also set the application not to crop them, regardless of their size. Furthermore, you can also assign hyperlinks to all slides or only specific ones, depending on your preferences.
You can also embed YouTube and Vimeo clips by simply pasting their URL and specifying whether you want to retrieve the thumbnail from the actual video or you choose to select a different picture from your PC.
When it comes to selecting the most suitable look for your newly-designed carousel, you can preview each available skin and apply the one you like best. You can further tweak the settings to your liking, by adjusting the play mode, the transition time and the scroll mode, along with the arrow and navigation styles.
When you are pleased with the output carousel, you can publish it to a local folder (then insert it to your chosen webpage), or you can save it as a WordPress plugin, a Joomla module or a Drupal one.
All in all, Amazing Carousel is a reliable utility that provides users with a quick way to effortlessly design professional-looking jQuery carousel and image scrollers.







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Carousel is the essential jQuery-powered JavaScript plugin to create any kind of thumbnail carousel. It is mainly used to show big images with built-in thumbnail carousel. When customers press the left or right arrow to page photos or slide images, the photos will be displayed properly.
It is based on the classic carousel, and it is a simple but powerful yet easy-to-use jQuery plugin. It has built-in custom effects and transition effects.

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New in version 1.6: support for local images, YouTube and Vimeo images, edit HTML code to embed your images, better stability, new design/skin options for your carousel, etc.
Key features of Amazing Carousel:
➽ Simple to use: Amazing Carousel is really easy to use and the one-click deployment makes it perfect for anyone who wants to quickly implement a jQuery carousel and image scrollers to their projects.
➽ Crop -the-image: You can crop the supplied images to better fit the carousel.
➽ Supports almost all formats of images, video, and YouTube video: Amazing Carousel supports almost all types of media, from local images (JPG/GIF/PNG), YouTube and Vimeo clips (MP4), as well as YouTube and Vimeo links.
➽ Support multiple themes: Amazing Carousel supports both background images and line skins. You can even set the skin to appear before the slide.
➽ Supports XHML, jQuery, CSS3 and jQuery UI CSS: If you want to use your own CSS3 style, simply use the XHML skin to achieve the look you want.
➽ Responsive: Amazing Carousel is fully responsive to any browser width and also supports various animation options, so it can adapt to any device in a glance.
➽ User-friendly: Amazing Carousel provides a drag-and-drop interface to make it easier and faster to design your slides.
➽ Editable HTML code: You can choose to embed your images by simply adding the selected HTML code.
➽ Easy to integrate: Amazing Carousel can be integrated easily within any XHTML/CSS page. You can even embed the skin into another one by merely copying it.
➽ Absolutely works with many web editors: Amazing Carousel is compatible with pretty much any web editor, such as Dreamweaver, Coda, Notepad++, etc.
➽ Multiple types of source: Amazing Carousel supports various types of source files, such as local images, YouTube and Vimeo videos.
➽ Many pre-designed styles: Amazing Carousel offers over 60 pre-designed styles that make it easier for you to design your slides in no time.
➽ New design/skin: Simply choose a new skin by previewing it.
➽ Global/Internal link: You can link specific slides or all

Amazing Carousel Crack + [Win/Mac]

Amazing Carousel is a powerful jquery plugin for creating and adding carousel or slide-in-slide-out effect in your flash or HTML5 based website. It supports jquery, php, html, and ini formats. There are many customizable features that can fit your needs for any specific situation.
Key features of this jQuery plugin
Numerous effects: Move, rotate, scale, fade, fadeto fade and slide, blur, shadow and glow and many more effects
There are four modes and limitless backgrounds for the carousel
Three types of carousel can be created as well as a combination of any two modes and customizable effects
Full control over the look of the carousel that can be easily customize in text colors, background color, and font styles
Image and video carousel can be easily embed into the website or your blog with a single line of code
Can be created for any type of content such as html, xhtml, php, perl, php, jquery, etc
And many more.
Key features of this jquery plugin
Ability to create multiple themes with easily customize their background colors, font styles, link colors and border styles
The playlist will save the images automatically when you change the theme
Size of the carousel can be easily customized
The animation or transition time can be easily customized
Image and video carousel can be easily embed into the website or your blog with a single line of code
Full control over the look of the carousel
Image and video carousel can be easily embed into the website or your blog with a single line of code
And many more.

Scenic Maps is a php/mysql map/minimap/gps/locator map project.
It is fully functional, but the map is incomplete at the moment.
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What’s New In?

* Animated jQuery Carousel
* Create responsive images and carousel in less than 5 minutes
* Supports YouTube, Vimeo and local images and videos
* Crop your images and set transparent backgrounds
* Supports Google Speed API
* Create YouTube or Vimeo video-based carousel
* Add scrollbar, arrows, video and thumbnail wrappers
* Save the carousel into a local folder or into a WordPress, Joomla and Drupal plugin
* Supports all pictures formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF
* Display image and video captions
* Set the transition time and speed
* Optimized for RTL languages
* Can display the thumbnails, the carousel buttons and the video titles
* Supports custom arrows and scrollbars
* Adjust the line length of the carousel captions
* Add the image, the video and the thumb wrappers
* Choose between the horizontal and the vertical layouts
* A lot of skins
* Available for Joomla and Drupal
* Can export to HTML and JSON
* Has an intuitive graphic interface
* And more!
Amazing Carousel Video:

Amazing Carousel Demo Video

Amazing Carousel Video

Amazing Carousel Demo Video

Amazing Carousel 7.1.9 (Latest Version) | 2018 | 114.3 MB

Official Amazing Carousel Website:

These videos are a bit long, and you might want to rewatch until the end before you start making any purchases from the video provider. But the good news is that you will easily get to know everything you need to know about Amazing Carousel in the end.
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, Server 2008 R2, 2008, Server 2003
CPU: Intel Pentium 2GHz Dual Core or equivalent
Memory: 1GB RAM
CPU: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or equivalent