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There are many situations when it is necessary to capture what is happening on your desktop, such as when creating video tutorials or recording gameplay.
Amazing Screen Recorder is a relatively simple application designed to help you capture these videos, as well as merge and trim them. It can get the job done, but it offers a very limited set of features.
Record desktop content with or without audio
When setting up the capture, you need to select the output location and specify whether computer sounds or microphone input should be recorded.
Unfortunately, though, the output settings cannot be customized in any way, which will be an issue for many users, as it means you cannot change the frame rate, bit rate, file format or any other parameter.
Additionally, the program can only perform full-screen capture, as it is not possible to record only a specific area of the desktop. Also, you cannot use hotkeys to start or stop the operation.
Merge and split recorded videos
Amazing Screen Recorder also enables you to merge multiple clips into a larger video file, but this feature is very basic, as you can only load the videos into a list, set their order and combine them.
What’s more, the application lets you trim sections from any of the files you have recorded. You can preview the clip in order to determine exactly where the start and end points should be.
Rudimentary screen recording utility
When it comes down to it, Amazing Screen Recorder comes with a very limited feature lineup, and there are many other alternatives out there that are both easier to use and provide you with more tools for desktop capture.
The application’s user interface is also far from impressive, and the lack of configuration options makes it a bad choice for most users.







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Batch record video clip from desktop screen, then convert video into AVI, MP4, FLV, etc.
Combine multiple video clips together into a longer video
Trim video clip into a short video with any resolution
Easy capture desktop
Easily record screen and microphone
Multiple video export formats
Multi-clip merge and split
Windows 10/8/7
Adware-infected software

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Amazing Screen Recorder Full Product Key

Snap shots, record desktop videos, record Skype calls, record and combine videos and more with Amazing Screen Recorder.
Recording Desktop can be done via screenshot and is a useful video recording tool. The screen recording of Skype calls has never been easier!
New: Record and Combine Video The new Record and Combine Video feature allows you to record and combine multiple desktop videos into one larger file!
Better Cam Feature Record your webcam with the improved Cam feature. Use this option to record your desktop and Skype calls in HD!
Record Webcam While Making Skype Calls The Record Webcam While Making Skype Calls feature allows you to record your webcam while making Skype calls. Great for vlogging or tutorials!
Record Skype Calls Record Skype calls and combine them with other desktop videos in a single file. Record Skype calls from multiple computers at once!
Record Desktop Screenshots Screen Capture now works! What started out as a very limited feature, screen capture is now fully working!
All features currently working: Record Desktop, Record Skype Calls, Record Desktop Screenshot, Record Desktop while Making Skype Calls, and Record Screenshots all at once.
Easy to Use Amazing Screen Recorder is a very easy to use screen recording utility. Record desktop videos in a snap and play them back on your computer or mobile devices.
Note: Record screen videos using Mac OSX and watch on the Apple TV. Record Skype calls from your Mac or Windows or PC phone at the same time. Record desktop screens and Skype calls with this easy-to-use screen recording software. Record your webcam for both Skype calls and your desktop while you chat. Create avis and combine different desktop videos to one file in a snap!
Customization: Quickly customize the look and feel of Amazing Screen Recorder to use your preferred color scheme and font.
Easy to add more features: Easily add more features to your own custom version of Amazing Screen Recorder! All major features are now implemented on Windows and Mac with the addition of the Record Skype Calls feature.
Save time: Save time by adding video recording to your regularly used features.
Help: Learn more about how to record desktop and Skype calls with Amazing Screen Recorder.
Record Desktop Screenshots Screen Capture now works! What started out as a very limited feature, screen capture is now fully working!
All features currently working: Record Desktop, Record Skype Calls, Record Desktop Screenshot, Record Desktop while Making Skype Calls, and Record Screenshots all at once.
Easy to Use Amazing Screen Recorder

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• Capture desktop screen videos
• Record sound from your webcam or microphone
• Record screen by: 1) Pressing a hotkey; or 2) Creating a recording from a time point
• Merge videos into one file
• Trim videos from any start or end point
• Completely customize your videos

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What’s New In?

Amazing Screen Recorder is a screen recording program designed to save your time by assisting you in making video tutorials and recording gameplay.
Capture content from your desktop or browser, adjust the quality, bit rate and resolution of your videos, and merge them together to create a video that will help you to create more effective tutorials and inspire others.
Record computer screens with great quality
The basic function of Amazing Screen Recorder is to enable you to capture your desktop content.
There are no advanced features, such as saving your desktop in a folder, generating screenshots or recording just a certain area of the desktop.
When recording, you can use the microphone or computer audio, and the program will record both sound and video content.
When it comes to the quality of the footage, the application only offers you three options: low, normal and high.
You can also choose between 29 different video formats, but there is little or no support for editing the recorded videos.
Beautiful design and clean interface
Overall, though, Amazing Screen Recorder performs rather well, and it may be suitable for beginners, as well as experts in the field.
The application is designed with a modern and beautiful interface, but the presence of the typical red background on each recorded frame is extremely displeasing.
Additionally, there is a small button in the top left corner with an exclamation point, which may be confusing to many users.
You can see the interface of Amazing Screen Recorder in the image below.
Screenshots of Amazing Screen Recorder

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System Requirements For Amazing Screen Recorder:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 / AMD Phenom II X4 810 (1020 MHz) / AMD Phenom II X4 940 (1150 MHz) / AMD Athlon X4 645 (1020 MHz) / AMD Athlon X2 4200 (1150 MHz) / AMD Athlon X2 5550 (1300 MHz) / AMD Sempron LE1800 (1300 MHz)
Memory: 4 GB RAM