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Ulead Animation.Applet 2.0 is the fast and easy way to tune up your Web site with interactive animations without any Java programming knowledge.
Animation.Applet allows you to customize your We Animation with 39 professional-quality text and image effects.
Easy Interface
Simple Composition Workspace
Combine multiple effect sprites in one applet Manage individual sprites as layers
Cick-and-drag sprites for size and position directly in the workspace
Synchronize the timing of each sprite with a graphical timeline
Flexible Effect Customization
Set the URL, targeted window and status bar message for HTML hyperlinks
Import audio files for mouseover or background sound
Create interactive mouse-over responses for both text and image effects
Efficient Project Management
Manage applet creation for small or large Web projects
Customize and reuse with UAA project files
Display information, including file sizes and download times
Test applets with built-in or external browser previews
Integrate applets into existing projects with Microsoft FrontPage plug-in support







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Ulead Animation.Applet 2.0 is the fast and easy way to tune up your Web site with interactive animations without any Java programming knowledge.

UniversalismUlead has supplied the next generation of animation to Ad agencies and in-house animation teams for the last 8 years. Applications of these techniques include animated websites, e-learning, presentations and corporate video. Animation.Applet 2.0 2.0

Easy to Use
Easy to Setup and configure
Click-and-drag elements in the workspace
Crowd Logic: Animation.Applet 2.0 allows you to reuse your existing content as more than just an applet. Create one or more reusable content files, then drag these into the workspace to create templates. The Crowd Logic functionality for Ulead Animation.Applet is like Photoshop, except you can use it on your own websites.

Synchronization with GraphicsViewing* Animation.Applet 2.0 is able to synchronize the timing of each animation sprite with a graphical timeline. This is a very useful feature when animating animated graphics (e.g. bubbles, widgets, windows).

Hover Effects Animation.Applet 2.0 supports mouseover and background sound effects.

Works with Applets Animation.Applet 2.0 is compatible with Java applets running on the Internet. You can also embed Animation.Applet 2.0 within your existing applets.

Multi-Screen Compatible Animation.Applet 2.0 supports viewing of all applets on one screen. However, multi-screen viewing requires some server-side work, to allow the applets to be seen on multiple screens. You can select between single-screen or multi-screen appearance of applets within the Ulead Animation.Applet workspace.

Email Applet Previews
The previews for applets attached to emails are included within Animation.Applet 2.0. These previews can be downloaded or.PST attachments, and are included with your project and can be viewed by Microsoft Outlook, Netscape, Windows Mail or other email programs.

PDF Report Animation.Applet 2.0 includes full-screen applet preview within a.PDF file. Previews are not compressed and can be printed at your

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KeyMacro lets you create animated animations for your Web site with just a few clicks.
With KeyMacro, you can assemble and animate several objects in an image with a single click.
KeyMacro supports HTML and images.
KeyMacro can automatically find the best target URL for each object and can import images, sound, and hyperlinks into an animation.
It makes it easier than ever to create dynamic and compelling Web animations.
You can create animation effects with text, images, hyperlinks, sound, and MIDI sound effects.
You can export your animations as animated GIFs, animated HTML, animated HTML, or animated JPGs.
Easy to Learn
With a simple interface, you can create professional-quality animations.
You can import and export images, sound, hyperlinks, and text, so you can reuse animations and audio.
KeyMacro’s intuitive interface takes you step-by-step through the process of creating animations.
Once you learn the basic tools, the process is easy.
KeyMacro saves you time by automatically finding the best target URL for each object and helps you save file sizes.
KeyMacro’s sophisticated automation engine helps you create exciting animations.
KeyMacro doesn’t require much computer skills to use, so it is easy for non-technical people to use.
Use your own images, sound, hyperlinks, or MIDI sounds.
Easily create time-based, call-to-action, and event animations.
Import images, sound, hyperlinks, and text from outside sources.
Support for all popular browser types and languages.
Approximate File Sizes
For many Web sites, the average file size is approximately 150 kB, although this may vary widely depending on the number of elements, how simple or complex the animation is, and how you format the animation.
KeyMacro.exe is 1.3 MB, and the animated GIFs that it produces are approximately 3 MB.
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME
Windows 3.1
These limitations also apply to downloaded files, not to the original files.
For example, you can use KeyMacro to create animated images in text mode.
To avoid downloading large files, use KeyMacro to create large images in text mode.
Windows 3.1
Windows 98/ME
0.4 MB (estimate)
Macintosh, iMac, Mac OS
Unpacking image (using zip,

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Ulead Animation.Applet 2.0 is the fastest and easiest way to design professional-looking Web animations using Flash.
Animation.Applet uses Ulead Software’s proprietary compression technology to reduce file sizes, and the fastest JavaScript compiler to eliminate scripting errors.
Animation.Applet simplifies complex functions like image animation, text animation, background audio, mouseover effects, and color effects.
Animation.Applet is easy to customize for specific project needs. It allows you to apply text and image effects to entire pages, or specific HTML elements.
Animation.Applet is the perfect tool for Web animation novices. Even if you have never written a line of JavaScript or Flash before, it’s easy to make professional Web animations with Animation.Applet.
Animation.Applet Features:
· Fastest JavaScript compiler yet
· Speeds up page loading by eliminating scripting errors
· Compression and decompression technology
· Professional-quality text and image effects
· Completely drag-and-drop interface
· Easy to customize for specific projects
· Supports all standard HTML elements including text, images, divs, tags, hyperlinks and spans
· Supports all standard SWF files including PNG, GIF, JPEG and Bitmap
· Ability to create mouse over and status bar effects
· Easy to synchronize multiple sprites
· Built-in and external browser previews
· Test applets with built-in or external browser previews
· Flexible effect customization
· Combination of our patented compression and decompression technology
· All feature codes for all features are the same as in Ulead Flash Pro, the original and only Flash animation app

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System Requirements:
-Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008
-Program Size: 1.3MB
-Free Download

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System Requirements For Animation.Applet:

Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later (32-bit and 64-bit Intel and PowerPC are supported).
The Mac version requires 3.0 GB of free disk space.
Apple IIgs
Apple IIc
Apple II+
Macintosh Classic
Macintosh SE
Macintosh II
Macintosh IIx
Macintosh IIci
Macintosh IIcii
Apple IIcx
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