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Asagao is an easy to use tool designed to offer users a handy SPI-FLASH programmer. The connection is based on DirectSPI, JTAG and EzPort.









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Creating an image on an SPI-FLASH memory module with the desired content.

Total Commander Photo and Media Library
Total Commander Photo and Media Library is a free software to help you organize and manage your photographs and image files. You can view, edit and convert your pictures, songs, videos, playlists and other multimedia files in a single environment.
Flexible yet very easy to use. You can organize your images or albums in folders, edit photos, replace r…

Python 3.6.7 is a software programming language. It is named after Python, a computer language developed by Guido van Rossum at the European Centre for Theoretical Physics (ECPT) and is an official Python implementation. It is free and open-source, released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). This article contains a list of all changes made in Python 3.6.

BootItv2 is a boot loader program compatible with CodeBreaker 2000 and DOS 6.0 from SPTComponents. It can be used to boot from any SPTComponents Floppy disc with a DIP switch correctly set. It supports the auto-selection of alternate languages in the boot menu. It supports USB and ESDI devices. is a simple and very useful utility to see what time is it in any city of the provides a very accurate and easy-to-use interface to get the best time in most countries.And with this simple utility you can check the time in the united states, canada, england, finland, south korea, hungary, slovenia, bulgaria, argentina, russia and more countries

WinSave is a data recovery software program for software developers to easily recover data saved in the common portable and fixed document files, such as.DOC,.XLS,.ZIP,.TXT,.ASC,.RTF, and.PST and other formats.

FontForge is a font editor, designed to manipulate or create fonts. It allows you to edit TrueType, OpenType and PostScript fonts, and to convert them between the three formats.

BBEdit is a text editor originally created by Bare Bones Software that is designed to make it easy to edit, create, and manage documents. BBEdit has been the standard text editor on Macs since version 8.2.

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[url= is an easy to use tool designed to offer users a handy SPI-FLASH programmer. The connection is based on DirectSPI, JTAG and EzPort.[/url]

FADU represents the first low cost, easy to use SDK for hand held music devices.
FADU Description:
[url= is the first free low cost, easy to use SDK for hand held music devices.[/url]

A publicly available tool which can be used to clone PS3 games, direct from the PS3 console via an ethernet cable. Allows you to use all of the console’s features, including play the games. Using the PSN application from a PC, you can also use the PSN application to host your games.
PSN Game Cloner Description:
[url= Game Cloner is a free tool that enables the user to clone PS3 games from their PS3 via ethernet cable. It contains support for USB and the PS3 serial port![/url]

Open FM is a free Open Source podcast management application. It supports all formats and has the ability to import and/or export podcasts in MP3, OGG, and OPUS formats.
Open FM Description:
[url= FM is a free Open Source podcast management application.[/url]

CET is an experimental free C++ programming environment. Its goal is to provide a fast, secure, portable and highly efficient C++ compiler and development environment.

CET Description:
[url= is an experimental free C++ programming environment.[/url]

v00d0r1’s design of EVE Online is backdated to the beginning of the old “gold” distribution package (read: completely different design and architecture). The application includes compatibility with the old format; it is possible to play a game in the old client running on a new client. This is useful for those who managed to get their old account back from GameBanshee, but still want to play Eve in the old client.

Enterprise Server

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This code is in assembly, but the goal is to run as fast as possible without being too difficult.

Inno Setup is a freeware installer and configuration creation tool. It supports installing and uninstalling programs, libraries and patch files. It also allows scripting installation and configuration at run-time and on a wide range of platforms.

Professional Audio Editor 2.0 is the professional choice for advanced audio editing. Bring your music to life with a simple drag-and-drop, auto-arrangement tool to create great sounding mixes. Use multiple effects simultaneously, including reverb, delay, echo, phaser, chorus, pitch and many more.

BBFC Tagger 2.3 can read and write RFID tags from many manufacturers, and is compatible with several RFID readers (UART).
When turned on, BBFC Tagger runs in the background on a free port, watching for tags and chaining tags together. It will then present you with a set of options to select the tag(s) you want to work with.

SVG to Bitmap converter is an easy to use and free tool which converts any SVG or DXF into a.bmp file, with the support of vector graphics.
It is very easy to use this simple to use vector graphics conversion tool.

BamSpam 1.3 is a free, open source program, similar to bam and spam. It allows the user to quickly filter large files. Currently, there are two filters: one for filtering email; and another for filtering email attachments.

SoapyReader PDF Password Remover provides a utility to remove embedded passwords from PDF files. It works even if the password is an integrated PDF filter, hidden by a combination of CSS and JavaScript code.

TOSbar Windows 7 Theme is a free, lightweight, slick, and interesting new Windows Theme for Windows 7. This theme combines Aero Glass with Windows 7’s own theme, to create a simple, yet attractive theme.

BZ2 File Manager is a lightweight file manager for Linux, with split-view and icon-only mode.

Cow Clicker is a brain game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It allows people to play a game without any interaction! The objective is to score as many points as possible before the cows retire to the pasture, but you must be careful or your cows may leave to join other more successful games.

Based on the well-known MS Office start menu

What’s New In?

– ISC COMBO which provides Isolated COM ports to your C++ programs
– FLASH loader which is easy to program, and requires no hardware
– Hardware debugging with V-USB and connect through your USB port (no USB
to TTL converter required)
– Integrated data loggingWe often hear about “the candidate”. That is, the person who will deliver votes. This election season, political pundits are also talking about “the economy” as a candidate. Everyone believes that the economy will decide who will be the next president.

Those pundits aren’t as smart as they think. Economics is not about the economy. It’s about human behavior. There is no doubt that economic decisions do effect human behavior. But there is no direct relationship, just as there is no direct relationship between what happens to the economy and what people do.

When it comes to economics, humans are not rational. Economic decisions are generally made by people acting based on the emotional and psychological impulses of self-interest. The market, like everything else in human society, is built on the irrational, the driven by emotion, the impatient, the greedy, the exploitive.

Economic self-interest only matters when it is combined with other factors that our behavior is not entirely controlled by the strong emotion of self-interest. We care about what is happening to others, we care about our relationships, we care about our family, we care about what we want to accomplish in life.

Economics is primarily human behavior, and no economic law can make that behavior predictable and controllable. At best, economic incentives can, at the aggregate level, encourage what is rational and what is not.

It’s been interesting, listening to the candidates this season, what they say about the economy. The Republican candidates are promising more tax cuts. Fiscal conservative candidates like Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are all about cutting taxes to stimulate economic growth.

The Obama campaign is arguing for “more government”. They’re arguing that the next president should “create jobs,” build “green energy”, cut taxes on the rich, and provide more government services. It’s all about the economy for them. But this is no different than what we have heard from Democrats for decades.

If it were not for a few interventionist policies that advanced the interests of some during the Reagan years, there would have been no big boom in

System Requirements:

– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent, AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent, Intel HD4000 or equivalent
– Minimum 2GB of VRAM for NVIDIA systems and 2GB of VRAM for AMD systems
– Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
– 2GB or more system RAM
– Direct X 11.1. or higher installed on the PC.
– Not supported on Linux
– 2048×1138 maximum resolution
– 30 FPS or higher in VP mode on all systems.