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AutoCAD’s ability to interpret shape files and other CAD formats has made it an industry standard for defining 2D and 3D geometry. It can create complex drawings with extremely accurate dimensions, tolerances, and dimensions of things such as holes, slotted holes, and tolerances. AutoCAD also has excellent 2D vector and graphics tools. The ability to create designs in many forms, including PDF, DWF, DWG, DXF, DWT, and DGN, provides for flexibility in working with other design software such as AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, and others. AutoCAD can also import and export any of these formats.

There are four main types of drawing objects in AutoCAD:

> Parameters are named dimensions. These are most commonly used for designing drawings or making surveys. They can be defined to be specific lengths or angles.

> Splines are used to curve and shape lines, polygons, and circles. They can also be used to create more complex objects such as spline curves and spline surfaces.

> Dimensions specify the distance or position of objects. They can also be used to create frames, sheets, and envelopes.

> Dimensions and splines can be modified to create objects that may not be directly created by the drafting process. These include custom dimensions, angles, splines, arcs, lines, circles, beziers, and text.

Using AutoCAD for Business Applications

When looking for a CAD solution for business use, the scale of the solution is an important consideration. Other factors include the level of detail, the design of the solution, whether one or many users need to work on the same drawing simultaneously, and the organizational structure.

A few factors to consider when choosing a CAD solution:

> Desired scale of the solution

> Number of concurrent users

> Model complexity

> Level of detail (shape, dimensions, dimension lines)

> Organizational structure of the company and workflow

> Interface

> Drawing precision (accuracy, resolution, and tolerances)

> Projector and storage requirements

> Power requirements

> Versatility

> Platform requirements

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The following lists some of the notable features and interfaces available in AutoCAD:

CIM technologies

Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and COM DLLs.

CIM standards

Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and COM DLLs.

Inter-process communication

Send commands to programs launched from within AutoCAD using the API’s.

Storage technologies

Microsoft Exchange Server


ObjectARX for AutoCAD is a C++ class library (CLX) developed by Aras Pranckevičius at Autodesk Labs. It supports various interfaces including DAE (Drag and drop/Edit), WSP (Web Services for Applications), XDFC (XML Document Format for Collaboration), EWS (Enterprise Web Services) and DMO (Dynamic Modeling Objects). It is provided as a part of the Autodesk Exchange Apps. ObjectARX enables the usage of third-party AutoCAD add-on products through the DAE interface.

ObjectARX is used as the base for:

Application development

Dynamic Modeling Objects (DMO)
ObjectARX for AutoCAD.
AutoCAD Architecture.
AutoCAD Electrical.

User interfaces

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Property Sheet.


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3. Select “File > New” from the main menu.

4. Select “Embedded Template” from the list of templates.

5. In the “Group By Category” list, choose “Designs” and “Templates”.

6. Leave “Group By” unchecked.

7. Click “OK” to close the dialog.

8. Select “File > Export”.

9. Choose a location to save the XML file.

10. Click “Export”.

11. Click “OK” in the dialog that appears.

12. You can now load the template XML file into AutoCAD or into the
Autocad Customization Editor by selecting “File > Import” and
clicking on the XML icon on the toolbar.



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What’s New in the?

Adjust path details and enter and exit points on the fly. This useful new command applies to any path that is drawn on the screen or printed on paper. After a user enters or exits a path, AutoCAD immediately updates the path’s centerline and interior and exterior straightness.

View multiple scale views of an entire drawing and manage annotative views easily. Change the scale of an annotation interactively as you work. Use annotative views to find information quickly in specific locations, as well as to view detailed information for many objects and geometries simultaneously. (video: 3:28 min.)

Simplify drawing tasks with AutoMerge. Perform multiple, fully automated actions on objects that AutoMerge finds, such as size, connect, snap, and place. Receive AutoMerge notifications when objects are found, and assign a single action to multiple objects, without further dialog. (video: 2:31 min.)

Draw freehand or trace lines as a vector in real time. Just press a button to automatically convert your mouse strokes into a vector. (video: 2:43 min.)

AutoCAD now provides a variety of ways for users to organize their drawings. New, improved, and modernized ribbon tabs:

Window tabs:

A new tab, View, includes all the other tabs and controls for displaying objects and displays.

A new tab, Search, includes all the other tabs and controls for text searching, object filtering, and custom list items.

A new tab, Panel Properties, controls settings for panels and screen objects.

A new tab, Style Manager, provides ways to apply and edit style settings.

A new tab, Customize, provides a menu for creating and editing your own custom commands and menus.

A new tab, Create Text Style, provides all the commands for creating and editing text styles.

A new tab, Edit Icon, includes all the controls for creating and editing icon styles.

A new tab, Layers, includes all the controls for creating and editing layers.

A new tab, Sheet Sets, includes all the controls for creating and editing sheet sets.

New Ribbon drop-down:

Drawing tabs:

New, easy-to-use steps for creating your own custom drawings and editing objects. Automatically read from a file, type a menu path, or type the name of a drawing component (for example

System Requirements:

RAM: 8 GB of RAM is recommended (32 GB is recommended for the full version)
CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 or AMD Ryzen 7 1700
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 480, or Intel HD Graphics 630
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Video Card: 256MB DirectX 12 compatible GPU
Sound Card: Direct X compatible sound card
Screen: 1600 x 900 minimum resolution or higher
How to Install:
Download the launcher by clicking here.