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AutoCAD has supported drawing input devices since AutoCAD 1.0, and they can be configured to operate as pen-input devices using a stylus or as touch-input devices using a fingertip.

There are two main methods of operation of an AutoCAD drawing. These are the layer-based method and the object-based method. The most common method of operation of a drawing is to enter information into the drawing in the layer-based method and to manipulate a model by drawing in the object-based method.

In the layer-based method, objects in the drawing are drawn on a layer of the drawing. In the object-based method, an object is defined and the object’s properties are manipulated.

Most of AutoCAD’s drawing interface has been the same from version to version, with the exception of small changes to the user interface.

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In the layer-based method, objects in the drawing are drawn on a layer of the drawing.

In the object-based method, an object is defined and the object’s properties are manipulated.

Overview of AutoCAD’s Drawing Interface

The drawing interface of AutoCAD has remained largely the same since its first release, with few major changes since AutoCAD 1.0. Autodesk considers a new release of AutoCAD as AutoCAD 2018.

Before a new release, Autodesk releases a preview build of AutoCAD for users to test. When the preview build is available, it is available to the public. This usually begins in late November or early December.

A major new release of AutoCAD introduces significant new features. For AutoCAD 2017, the new features include:

Revision history

Major new feature

Minor new feature

New features

Autodesk’s 2019 release schedule appears on their website as of September 2019.


3D View

Layer View

3D Window

Layer Window

3D Toolbar

3D Snap


Document Profile

Drafting Tools


Drawing Styles

Color Profiles


New Rendering Options

Project Tools

Revision History

All changes made in an AutoCAD drawing are logged in a Revision History list. There are two ways to view the

AutoCAD 24.0 [Mac/Win]

AutoCAD Serial Key Architecture: This third-party software provides architectural-design tools for architectural and construction drawings, 3D city modeling, space planning and management.
AutoCAD Activation Code Electrical: The main features of AutoCAD Electrical is a plug-in for design and calculation of lighting design, sound design, and architecture components.
AutoCAD Civil 3D: Civil 3D is an extension of AutoCAD Civil 2D, which was developed to be able to create and edit architectural, engineering and construction-related drawings and models of structures, utility networks, roads, railways, buildings, landscapes, etc.

Trellis is a general 3D modeling environment, which can be used to create polyhedrons. This software also provides utilities for visualization and printing.

Inkscape is a free, open-source vector graphics editor designed for the creation, editing and viewing of scalable vector graphics (SVG), an XML-based file format that supports all the graphical aspects of vector-based graphics, including text, line, polygon, circle, arc, ellipse, and Bézier curve.

Support for free software
AutoCAD releases are also available for GNU/Linux, BSD, HPUX, Solaris, IRIX, and Tru64 UNIX systems. GNU/Linux, BSD, and Solaris systems are also supported for multiple architectures including x86 (32 bit), x86_64 (64 bit), PowerPC (32 bit), and PowerPC (64 bit).

Autodesk have also released AutoCAD on Windows systems with restricted functionality.


There are ongoing updates to the software, which may be downloaded for free at the AutoCAD Product Support page. There are also a number of trial versions available, which are limited in time and features. The free trial version of AutoCAD has built-in support for AutoCAD R14 to R19 or earlier. After the trial expires, the user has 30 days to purchase the software. AutoCAD LT was discontinued, meaning that the legacy license of AutoCAD LT and the 2010 release of AutoCAD LT are no longer supported.

The release of AutoCAD 2011 introduced the New Feature Pack for AutoCAD 2011. The new features of this release include the ability to support all XREF types in layers, and the ability to use an ASCII XREF reference file.

Additional features

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What’s New In?

Live Trace AutoCAD:

Create flexible and efficient vector traces with the ability to insert content like images, blocks, annotations and text directly into your drawings, then edit those layers as part of the final trace. (video: 8:21 min.)

Shared Services Online:

Help your team collaborate more efficiently using the cloud. With a single login, you and your colleagues can view and make changes to the same drawings on multiple platforms and devices.

Edit and Format Profiles:

Save, update and format time-consuming edit and formatting profiles to automate your workflows. (video: 5:29 min.)

Scripting Enhancements:

Extend your AutoCAD drawing to include custom commands and functions. You can now create and share custom Python scripts. (video: 1:28 min.)


Make better decisions with your time with unique timing-based tools. Timelion breaks down the task, week, month and year into a more effective view. For example, a task tracker can help you stay on schedule with real-time progress reports on how much you are ahead or behind of a deadline. (video: 8:48 min.)


Continuously monitor your AutoCAD drawing to see changes as they are made. Update your AutoCAD drawings while you are away using the free SmartDesk app for iOS and Android.

Create your own geometry:

Make custom geometry designs using the new Dimensions tool. You can create a wide range of geometric shapes, such as polylines, boxes, polygons, and bezier curves.

The Web Client now supports the new DesignCenter:

Share your design drawings directly from the web client with colleagues and other designers. You can now also sync your AutoCAD drawings to your cloud account to access them from any device.

In addition to all these improvements, AutoCAD can now be accessed from an iPad or Android tablet.

Download the AutoCAD 2023 full release here.

This year’s AutoCAD Technical Preview is also available for download. It includes many of the features of the final release. Download the AutoCAD 2023 Technical Preview here.

This year’s AutoCAD anniversary celebration starts on May 1st. The events we’re planning are just a taste of what’s coming.

System Requirements:

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