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CONCEPT: For home-use only.
When putting your CD into the player, will give your visitors a menu like this:


LEARN MORE (button)

CONTACT US (button)


Use a menu like this and you will become the talk of your community. With AUTOption Graphic, you can create the perfect interactive CD menu for your clients, or for the individual yourself.


DISCLAIMER: Autorun is the most widely used autorun technology available today. It is a Microsoft Windows-only technology that is designed to allow the user to customize the autorun process on their computer. Autorun is created as a component of the Windows operating system that enables the ability to put an application on a CD or DVD without needing to specify an autorun script. There are a number of options available to customize the process including the ability to create custom menus.

For Windows XP:

Note: Autorun is not supported on Windows 2000, Windows ME or older versions of Windows.

my $c= new COREMISC::Hotkey (“hotkey script text”);
if(exists $c->{command}) {
$c->{command_text}=uc( $c->{command_text} );
if(exists $c->{description}) {
$c->{description_text}=uc( $c->{description_text} );
if(exists $c->{command}) {
$c->{command_text}=uc( $c->{command_text} );
if(exists $c->{hotkey}) {
$c->{hotkey_text}=uc( $c->{hotkey_text} );

AUTOption Graphic Torrent (Activation Code) [Updated]

Main menu for your Automation or Autoplay CD-Rom

Create animated button layouts

Choose between colored or photo buttons

Customize your look and style to fit your application

Command wizard to create your menu commands

Customization possible on a single menu

Supports text fields to hold your commands

Autorun/Autoplay support with or without a CD-Rom

Seamless single click exit menu control

Command possible on:

Single click to exit the menu

Seamless transition to the next menu

Option to use the current CD-Rom title or one of the preset CD-Rom titles


Windows and Mac Compatible.

Animated button layouts

Photo style button

Command wizard to create your menu commands

Customization possible on a single menu

Supports text fields to hold your commands

Autorun/Autoplay support

Seamless single click exit menu control

Command possible on:

Single click to exit the menu

Seamless transition to the next menu

Option to use the current CD-Rom title or one of the preset CD-Rom titles

SETUP DEMO Description:

Set up your menu files in the EXE file

Set the EXE file to autorun on your CD-Rom

Pop up window to get the CD-Rom title if needed

Option to get the EXE file or send it to you

Installation wizard to help you set it up

SUPPORT Description:

Instructions and pictures included

Installation and Software Requirements:

1. CD Autorun/Autoplay Demonstration 2. Autorun/Autoplay Menu Demonstration 3. Autorun/Autoplay Menu Wizard 4. Autorun/Autoplay DEMO 5. Setup Demo 6. Options Demo

The download link is a URL/link to the EXE file that runs your program. In order to make sure that it works correctly, right-click on the download link and click the “Save Link As…” option. It will then save the EXE file into the same folder where you currently see the Autorun/Autoplay Menu Demo.

I currently do not have an Autorun/Autoplay DEMO to send you. If you would like to send me

AUTOption Graphic

The program, the fastest and easiest way to create autorun/autoplay and autostart applications.
AUTOption Graphic License:
Commercial: use in any software, or we can change your mind, you can tell us how to use your autorun/autoplay application.

Extra Packages Install this package to get a collection of 12 high-quality gourmet wallpapers and three Extra wallpapers not found in the main package.

Compass Features:
– Wallpaper
– Vectors
– Easy to use
– Self repairing
– Sortable (alphabetically or chronologically)
– Automatic recovery from bugs
– Configurable: colors, transparency, resolution, etc.
– Infinite scroll, jump to next/previous wallpaper
– Configurable zoom, pixel ratio
– Fine/Coarse filter
– Adjustable opacity
– Auto-remove, backup
– Built-in pattern search engine: searches on Internet

Compass is a simple, fast and easy-to-use wallpaper changer. It has been built with a clean, intuitive interface, and can scale between resolutions from 4200×2048 up to a maximum of 25600×8192 pixels, with infinitely smooth scrolling.

– very customizable. You can use your own or have it generate random wallpapers
– support for themes and grid (always start from left or right)
– random wallpaper (wallpaperSlider)
– adjustment slider for color/opacity/size
– alternate pattern changer (using keyboard only)
– start screen, lock screen and tray wallpaper changer (using keyboard only)
– find the best wallpaper for your system (using thumbnail)
– sort your wallpaper by theme (alphabetically or chronologically)
– save/load/restore your settings on exit/start
– network support
– switch between modes: “Auto-remove” (remove all your wallpapers on exit), “Auto-backup” (save all your wallpapers to one folder on exit), “Full-screen” (show only one wallpaper)
– silent (configurable) and sound notification on wallpaper changes
– direct access to other features (rotate/refresh/edit/folders)
– support for 32x32x32, 40x160x160, 128x128x128, 96x192x192, 48x48x48, 192x192x192

What’s New In AUTOption Graphic?

AutOption Graphic is the most powerful CD/CDR application on the market today. It has been designed from the ground up to make CD/CDR development a snap. Whether you are a total beginner or a professional developer, AutOption Graphic will allow you to create the most impressive and professional looking autorun/autoplay menu in the most easy way possible.
* Use your own photos, graphics and designs for your menu!
* 15 styles of preset button placements available
* Hundreds of actions available for your buttons
* Any number of sub-menus and multiple menu pages
* Custom sounds for any button action
* Forms any text on your buttons, complete with any font and size
* Clear auto-format text area
* Supports any number of buttons on a single menu page
* Custom button placement animation
* Supports any number of sub-menus on a single menu page
* Full Unicode and multi-byte fonts support
* Built-in support for both Russian and Greek
* Up to twenty buttons on a single menu page

This is an update to AutoplayMenu. Included are a number of new effects including three custom mouse cursor effects and one animation for the menu exit. Also included are new 4 styles of X-Y Placement of buttons. Another new effect is the use of background frames in the placement of buttons.

This is an update to AutoplayMenu. Included are two custom mouse cursors, new effects for the exit of the menu, including one animation effect. Also included are new styles of X-Y placement of buttons, including the placement of buttons on the left side of the window.

This update to AutoplayMenu adds many new effects such as the ability to make the X-Y placement of the buttons semi-transparent and shift buttons. Also added are new styles of X-Y placement, a wider range of button animation, and the ability to use left-sided buttons.

This update to AutoplayMenu adds many new effects, including multiple backgrounds and transparency, new styles of X-Y placement, and a wide range of button placement. Also included are many new buttons such as splitter buttons, and a reverse split button, as well as a style of menu placement known as the “floating” menu.Drone enthusiast. Community organizer. Music lover. Wine drinker. Motorcyclist. All of these things are true.

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.9 or later.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 or equivalent.
Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or Radeon HD 5700 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 25 GB of free space
Cursor: A Mac mouse and a keyboard are highly recommended.
Internet: You will need to download the installation files from, and they need to be downloaded to your desktop.