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CodeDefender is free.NET code protection tool. It protects your code, while you are still working on it, and disables it once you are ready. With CodeDefender, you can run your applications without the copy protection protection. It is easy to use and to protect your code with password. If you were afraid that someone is gonna reverse your codes and use it for malicious purpose, you can now make your project code protected by.NET code protection tool CodeDefender.

In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to install basic MVC application in IIS7 without installing.NET framework. We will also be using an empty MVC project to learn about all things that comes with creating a MVC application.
Tutorial Walkthrough:
Step 1: Download the required packages
Step 2: Install IIS 7.0
Step 3: Install and configure IIS
Step 4: Create a Simple MVC Project
Step 5: Create a Default.aspx page
Step 6: Create a Controller and View Folder
Step 7: Install and configure MVC 3
Step 8: Add a Default.aspx Page in MVC Application
Step 9: Run the application
Hope this tutorial will help you to start using MVC 3 with IIS 7.

Hi!I created a basic web application without.NET Framework and publish it in IIS7. However, when I try to run it on IIS 7.5, the web application is not working. I made sure that.NET 4.0 is installed and enabled. You can find my project here: also tried this solution, but with no success. Any idea what can be the problem? Or have you any ideas on how I can debug it?Here is the screenshot of error message:

I created a simple web application without.NET Framework and published it in IIS7. The project compiles fine, and when I run it, it doesn’t work. It gives the following error:
“The program can’t start because t…d.mvc.mvc2.server.asp_Request1.Unsubscribe()”
I tried the solution that was suggested in the comment below, but the error didn’t change. I want to know if the project works or not and how to fix the error.

I created a simple web application without.NET Framework and published

CodeDefender Crack Full Version

CodeDefender is an open-source tool that will obfuscate your programs by means of.Net Framework (1.1, 2.0 and 2.5), in other words it will provide you with level of protection provided framework. You can use this code protector to protect your application.

The application in the form of an Utility.exe file that can be running through command window.

CodeDefender Documentation :


CodeDefender Download

CodeDefender is a.Net framework 2.0 obfuscator and protection tool. It will protect your codes from being analyzed by other developers. It will also protect your codes from being reverse engineered and spread.
What is obfuscation?
Obfuscation is adding some additional programming codes/routines/statements to your code to confuse human reader. Obfuscation usually makes the source codes look like meaningless bunch of characters.
What is protection?
Protection is protecting your code from being decompiled and analyzed by other developers or other tools.
CodeDefender Features:

The obfuscation and protection will happen in compiled code.
Compiled code will run normally on PC.
When your code needs to be protected, a unique key will be generated and used to replace your code.
If your original code is not protected, it will decrypt and do the work.

What is obfuscation?

An obfuscator is a.Net framework 2.0 utility that can protect a code in different ways. It can make the code very hard to be understood by human readers.
The protection can be in different levels, including:

Simple protection. The code will look like meaningless bunch of characters.
Medium protection. The code will look like meaningless bunch of characters, but still easily recognizable.
High protection. The code will look like meaningless bunch of characters, and even can be difficult to recognize.

What is protection?

A protection will make the code running normally on PC. Normally, a protection will encrypt code before running. The protection can be in different levels.
The protection will make the code very hard to be reversed engineer and spread, especially the code running on a client PC.
CodeDefender and its features are published under MIT License.

CodeDefender main purpose is to protect source codes of.Net framework classes and to protect source codes of application(including assemblies, but not only) against being analyzed, decompiled, disassembled and copied by third party developers. The reason behind CodeDefender use for protecting assemblies is to make it even harder for third party developers or company employees to copy and use the source codes of your business core classes such as.Net Framework classes, Windows forms and WPF controls.

If you don’t use obfuscation, anyone can easily decompile your assembly/dll and get your source codes. Third party developers, especially company employee’s team may copy your code, study it and do something unwanted with them.

What’s New In CodeDefender?

You may also use or other antivirus products.
Change Log:
* In this version, we add a doc, In the doc there is one case where we need to use prerequisites package that package was not installed on target machine.
* Case “Package Installation Issue” was improved.
* Users who have installed CodeDefender through Nuget package can not run the application which has.NET Framework 4.0 or later. We added.NET Framework 4.0 to Targets.
* We fix case “Cannot find or use assembly”
* Check for dependencies and package.
* Improve security for 64 bit machines.
* Fix bug (Visual studio crashes when you save changes, and close application).
* We fix Null reference exception on some machines.
* We use dependency method instead of exception to check for required packages.
* We now use 64 bit version of CodeDefender.
* We added a target for x86, x64, ARM, and ARM64.
* The installation of package is now easier.
* You can now install with Nuget or.Net framework 2.0.
* We have moved to GitHub.
* We now use NuGet package manager.
* We were first version of CodeDefender to be released.
Some features:
* Protects your code
* Allows you to embed some code which you want to protect
* Shows you what code was obfuscated
* It can run in GAC
* It can run in your local machine
* It can run in x86, x64, ARM, ARM64
* You can use it with nuget packages
* You can install it as a windows service

This tool is one of the best one to protect your codes from any any attacker.It can run it on System memory or Local machine or in GAC.
Try it now

It is a UI based tool, so if you want to

System Requirements For CodeDefender:

Please consider the following before purchasing one of the Steam Keys:
-Windows 64-bit or Windows 32-bit OS (Windows 7 or later)
-Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz or higher
-2 GB RAM or more
-100 MB free space on the hard disk.
-Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
You are free to take screenshots and record your gameplay! But please keep it in moderation.
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