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– Monitor, control and play games from any web browser.
– The user interface allows you to use it from both a remote machine and the same machine.
– coliau support multiple monitors.
– coliau supports to play games with multiple players and it includes multiplayer support.
– coliau supports all remote desktop servers.
– coliau also has a built-in key logger to monitor and record every keystroke and the mouse clicks of its users.
– coliau can be run in a headless mode that will send mouse and keyboard events to the server.
– coliau can be used to remotely control and log in to machines using basic authentication.
– coliau supports both Windows and Linux platforms.
– coliau has a built-in LDAP module that allows it to work with AD and other LDAP directory servers.
– coliau supports plugins to extend its functionality.
– coliau has a built-in login module for SAML authentication.
– coliau is fully multithreaded.
– coliau has been tested with and works on Windows 2003, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7.
coliau Contents:
– coliau is a console live auditor designed to allow administrators to view the target’s console or Remote desktop session by using just a web browser. Run it on a PC, and then you can monitor its main display with just a web browser.
coliau Licence:
coliau is free software licensed under the GNU GPL. It can be downloaded from The current version is 0.7.
coliau Changelog:
– 0.7 release 
– Loaders and modules now share same library
– Added support for async operations when posting to Twitter
– Now, coliau can capture screen in full screen mode
– Fixed a bug where Ctrl+Alt+Del would reload saved settings
– Fixed a bug where the login screen would pop up when the popup viewer is set to “popup”
– Fixed a bug where it would not shutdown correctly after a manual exit
– Fixed a bug where it could not capture from the Windows 7 start

Coliau Crack+ With Keygen

It is an easy-to-use console audit tool.

Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


There was a PowerShell 4.0 version that was released. You can find it here:

If you look under the FAQ, it says it’s still in preview, but there are a few online demos, so I imagine it will be ready for business by the next version of Windows.


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Chromecast can’t find media uri

I’m trying to send a local mp3 file to a chromecast media stream.
I get the uri, and send it to the media source:
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using (var stream = this.GetFile(@”C:\audio.mp3″))
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var buffer = new byte[readChunkSize];
int receivedBytes;

while ((receivedBytes = stream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length)) > 0)
sourceMedia.AddSourceBuffer(new ByteArraySourceBuffer(buffer, receivedBytes));

using (var mediaSource = new MediaSource(uri, sourceMedia))
mediaSource.State = MediaStates.Ready;

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I am not sure if this is still relevant. I believe that the only windows you have control over are the ones in the tray. If you’re using the system tray, there should be a program name near the clock, something like “System Tray Icon Information”.

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What’s New In Coliau?

coliau is a console live auditor designed to allow administrators to view the target’s console or Remote desktop session by using just a web browser. Run it on a PC, and then you can monitor its main display with just a web browser.


– coliau
– powershell_coliau_task.ps1


> powershell_coliau_task.ps1 -v -z
-v: will display the script options.
-z: will force execution of script.


Use the following command to remove it:


> powershell_coliau_task.ps1 -z -v



Written by MrKawai.

System Requirements For Coliau:

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