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Manually organizing a large collection of movies and TV shows could be a tedious task, but an application such as Collbee is exactly what you need in order to have your movie library neatly categorized without headaches. The main advantage of Collbee is that it makes this whole process automatic, without requiring you to do much. Its stylish interface displays a summary of the collection contents, allowing you to view the total number of movies and TV show, as well as the space these occupy on the local disk. The program tries to keep user interaction at a minimum. Basically, all you must do is select the location of the folder where your videos are stored. However, there are some additional options that configure the application’s behavior. Collbee is capable of downloading movie artwork and automatically rename movie folders and files. It can identify and take care of any empty and duplicate folders it finds, as well as create new directories for each video. When dealing with TV shows, the application can be set to separate files by season, so that you can easily find the desired episode. In addition to this, it can integrate with XBMC or Windows Media Center in order to download metadata information for any locally stored movie or TV series, which helps you create a really complete collection. Collbee can prove to be a practical and useful tool for anyone who has a mixed up collection of movies and series. It is very easy to use and saves you the time and the effort needed to catalog and systematize your videos on your own.Uterine activity and role of progesterone in pregnancy in the guinea fowl.
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Collbee Crack+ Free For PC

Cracked Collbee With Keygen is an application that allows you to easily and automatically organize your movie collection. It can process the contents of your movies as well as your TV Shows and automatically organize them.
It can analyze your movies, marking duplicates, empty or damaged folders, and also the seasons of your movies. Furthermore, it can download the metadata of your movies and automatically rename the files to comply with the standard naming convention. Once it is set up, Collbee For Windows 10 Crack will process the information of your movies and TV shows for you. There is no need for you to do any of the work manually. All that is left for you is to select the folder where you have your video collection and then Collbee will do everything else.
It is capable of automatically downloading artwork from any video website. And by importing this art, it is also capable of automatically renaming your files to comply with the standard naming convention.
The application is compatible with video file formats such as MPEG-4, MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, and 3GP, as well as P2P protocols such as UPC, DLNA, DMB, and UPnP. It also supports most of the popular DRM protected video formats such as AAC, AAC+, HE-AACv2, MP3, VBR MP4, and WMA. It is also capable of importing the most popular compressed subtitle files and metadata files (XBMC) and automatically generating metadata for each file.
Additional features include:
– Requires one or more folders where your movies are stored. If you have multiple folders, Collbee automatically creates one folder for each of them.
– It is capable of automatically processing the contents of your movies.
– It can automatically repair empty or damaged folders.
– It can automatically create a new folder for each movie.
– It is capable of automatically taking the artwork for each of your movies from any video website.
– It can automatically generate metadata for each movie.
– It is capable of automatically renaming the files to comply with the standard naming convention.
– It is capable of automatically importing the metadata for your movies and iTunes media files.
– It can automatically analyze your movies and generate episode information for each season.
– It is capable of importing the subtitles for your movies.
– It is capable of importing the art and metadata of your iTunes music files.
– It is capable of automatically generating metadata for each song.
– It is capable of directly


Collbee is a tool that is designed to automatically organize your movies and TV shows collections.
The software can scan your disk for empty folders and duplicate movies, and label them appropriately. It is possible to generate artwork for each video, allowing you to distinguish your movie or TV show quickly.
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You will need to download the program and follow the installation instructions. Then open the program and select the tools tab, where you can choose the software you want to use. You need to be connected to the internet for this stage, but after that it is just as easy as opening the settings and selecting the Download tab. If you have an available internet connection, you can download the

What’s New in the Collbee?

With this simple-to-use all-in-one movie organizer and file manager you can quickly and easily browse through your entire collection and automatically create and organize your favorite movies and series.
The video database is based on advanced facial recognition technology that automatically recognizes scenes that are similar to one another. These scenes are then automatically analyzed and assigned to your appropriate categories.
In order to create such a comprehensive database, we scanned thousands of movies to determine their titles, actors, year of release, and detailed plot. All this information is then added to the database and automatically used by the organizer for future similar scene detection.
With the sophisticated facial recognition engine, you can easily add any movie by just entering its title. The program will then extract the movie’s content from the database and create a movie list with the movies you have added.
It’s free, and it works.
Advanced facial recognition technology
Automatic detection and organization of your movies
Visual and textual search
Can search by actors, directors, genres, and more
Add supported files to your collection
Automatically adds the files to the database
Automatic renaming of the files in the collection
Built-in video player
File previews
Overview and sorting of files
Search for files by description and path
Switch between viewing and editing movies and TV shows
Import and export of files
Automatically identifies duplicate files and empty folders
Internal video player
Organize all your files by categories
Select folders for each season
Select series per episode
Download movie artwork and seamlessly rename files and directories
Automatically play movies for you
Automatically adds downloaded metadata to the database
Informative and stylized graphical user interface
You can access your entire movies and TV show collection from a convenient, simple-to-use and intuitive interface.
No more searching through folders. Simply open the application and go directly to your videos.
Search by title and actors, or just type in a few keywords to locate the movie or TV show you need. The program will then scan the database and display all the relevant results.
With Collbee, you can search for videos by genre, year of release, or by actors and directors. You can also view the synopsis of the selected file, and listen to the soundtrack if available.
Organize your collection using the built-in categories. The program will create separate folders for your different categories, and automatically add the videos to each folder.
Collbee is easily integrated with XBMC or Windows Media

System Requirements For Collbee:

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