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Darkest Dungeon Crash After Mission


5 days ago
Now that I have my game half working again and started playing again I’m having a problem. Now when I gain a 100% of the health in any dungeon it freezes and I have to restart the app
5 days ago
My game crashes only when the most important hero dies. It should say something like “You died” or something else.
5 days ago
@bluejay707 – It’s probably just you.
He probably just died for the first time, and is not used to it yet. In my case, I was playing from only the previous day, and most of my heroes were not used to it yet.
5 days ago
@bluejay707 – No, it doesn’t say anything on the loading screen.
My game freezes when I died at the end of the previous mission (to far for this new party to finish). I have to restart it after finishing a mission to finish that specific mission. After restarting it I’m able to load the next mission.
5 days ago
I am unable to start a mission if there is a death in the party.
It simply does nothing when I click to start the mission. As soon as I click on anything else, that specific mission resets. To finish the missions I need to restart the game.
This happened to me when I was playing against an AI and had to wake up my girlfriend.
5 days ago
FJ788 – That’s really weird. Have you tried to play the missions on both your devices? If not, it’s probably a misconfiguration on the PC.
5 days ago
I faced this issue while returning to the Hamlet on a low hour mission.
The mission would have completed normally, but when I returned to the Hamlet, I didn’t have any enemies
and no rewards in the hamlet. I also got a tip from user yurisilev in steam community, disabling LTFO could help.
I tried that and my game froze again, then I had to restart.
5 days ago
FJ788 – This can be attributed to the game being launched on a lower resolution.
5 days ago
The game freezes and restarts when my mini-boss spawns. The frozen timer seems to be in the past.
When the game resumes after the crash it will start to count up in the past.
Also, when the mini-boss spawns his model gets really weird https://sendiios.com/dns-thing-crack-2022-new/


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Oct 13, 2019
Hello, Im having an issue where after dungeon completion my screen freezes after an idle time before dungeon restart. Ive noticed this start happening after installing the update that brought the crash bug fixes and allowing me to enter the “wizard’s tower”. .

Oct 28, 2019
Today ive done every dungeon and completed every quest, even the civics mission in general safe haven cant even load the screen after idel it just freezes there, exe ctualy stops responding.
Not sure why today nothing is working.
I’ve tried everything I can think of and about to uninstall the game as a last resort

Dec 19, 2019
I’ve been playing with this game for quite some time on and off. It’s a cool game with an interesting concept, the UI needs some work, the tutorial is pretty poor, and the game itself is fairly buggy (haven’t had a single game start without most of the UI breaking). But the game itself is pretty well balanced and fun. It’s very easy to make new AI or just play against yourself. The game has a long tail, so there’s plenty of content to explore with even the first playthrough.
But it’s a very lengthy game. The first ~18 hours of the first playthrough are just getting the basic layout down and the gameplay mechanics down. The initial character setup is quite stiff and geared towards different strategies. You have to think hard on how to use your 4 point filler slots.
And I do have a few gripes. First, the tutorial isn’t great. Also, I think the f2p model is geared towards being grindy and repetitive. The fact that f2p players can upgrade so much more easily doesn’t help much, either. I am pretty certain I’m the only one with level 20 equipment (but it’s totally worth the grind on a level that heavy).
Also, the news feed on the right-hand side of the screen after the first few hours is cluttering up the screen. The first 2 or 3 hours are very quiet, so it works fine, but then the news feed becomes more and more with the new minor things getting reported about the game. It’s not really a problem, but it’s definitely going to slow down your perception of how much time has passed. This is most prominent when you’re in the