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Working with a lot of files of similar types can lead to consequences like having many duplicates on your hard disk drive, which can take a lot of space in the end. It’s up to specialized applications like Ayrun to provide the necessary means to scan your computer and decide what happens to them.
Lightweight and easy to use
The application comes in a lightweight package that doesn’t even take you through a setup process for things to properly function. However, you do need to make sure that your PC is fitted with .NET Framework, because it’s a required component, unlike registries, which are not a dependency here, thus not modified.
On the visual side of things, the application wants to keep it simple, putting all it has to offer in plain sight, with different colors used for selection and other sections to make identification easier. Lists fill up as you progress through the operation, while some specific functions, like selecting duplicate files, are automatically performed.
Delete, move, or rename duplicate files
You first need to add one or more folders to the list, while triggering the core function only takes a while to generate results. However, you can narrow down results by writing down a string of interest to represent file name. Shortly after the list is generated, you can also pick one or more file formats, depending on the detected items.
As mentioned above, duplicate files, either by name or size, are highlighted and automatically selected, with a few operations you can perform. Removing is one of them, but there’s no option to shred. Moreover, these can be moved, not copied, to a directory of your choice, or renamed according to a fixed set of rules.
On an ending note
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Ayrun wants to help you get rid of duplicate files, or at least move all of them to a safe location to later decide how they’re handled. Portability is a neat advantage, while the interface is intuitive enough to let both beginners and experienced individuals take advantage of its features.









Desktop Timer 2.14 Crack + Product Key Full Free

Desktop Timer can be used to schedule and run programs, or scripts.
You can use Desktop Timer to add features to your computer, to run scheduled scripts, or to schedule events.
Desktop Timer can run programs, scripts, or programs in background.
You can run a program, script or any kind of executable to be executed at a set time.
Alternatively, you can specify the duration of the program, script, executable, or mouse clicks.
System clipboard can be used to copy text to clipboard.
Recently used programs can be used to open programs and scripts or to copy files from that programs or scripts.
Timers can be configured to support Autosaves, that are saved with the programs, scripts or programs.
You can define start time, end time, interval and daily triggers.
Installation Requirements:
Desktop Timer ( – For all Unix and Linux operating systems.
Desktop Timer – Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
– MP3 can handle more than 10000 minutes and never stop
– Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
System Requirements:
– Windows
This program has a good scheduling system.
– Home
– Esc
– Left/Right Mouse
– Open Clipboard
– On Click On Program
– On Click On File
– On Click On File List
– On Click On File Icon
– On Click On File List Icon
– On Click On Console
– On Click On Tray
– Window Size
Time & date:
It is accurate to the second.
Help menu is available.
How to install:
Run “Desktop Timer.exe”. Then, all features are available.
How to remove:
Run “Desktop Timer.exe” and uncheck the box “Turn On Support for Desktop Timer”.
How to register:
Run “Desktop Timer.exe” and uncheck the box “Turn On Support for Desktop Timer”.
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Desktop Timer 2.14

Desktop Timer Product Key is a small tool designed to remind users when to do important tasks like checking computer system logs, managing Windows configuration, downloading updates from the Internet, creating backups or scheduled backups, using enterprise assets, etc. By default, the app displays notifications with a variety of options.
Users can change the default settings through the application’s settings panel. Default notification types are shown on the right side of the app, while adding new reminders is possible through a straightforward dialog. When selected, the “start at” time is set, along with the time interval, which can be adjusted.
Once you pick a reminder time, the tool will send you a notification, with customizable options, whenever that time comes. Similarly, you can set a custom time or recurring reminders and, once the time is reached, you will get an alert.
Auto Backup Any Application of Your Choice (Built-in) Description:
With this utility, you can automatically backup the opened applications, without interrupting the system. This means that all user actions (registry, Windows, browser, ftp, database, etc.) are automatically recorded in a single and manageable archive file that can be saved on a local or network drive.
Available options are related to the application type (e.g. registry, browser) and the target (folder) to be backed up. In addition, a password is required for system protection. If selected, this option activates the “automatically delete” option, which helps to empty the selected folder.
A special option is also available if a removable device with a USB port is connected to the system, because this allows you to select a certain drive to back up files. Auto Backup Any Application of Your Choice lets you avoid the tedious process of recopying files.
If you want to access the archived files, you can double-click the shortcut (created by the application) to launch the backup utility. In this case, you can opt to restore the previous backup or to create a new one by adding data from the selected archive file.
To access this tool in an easy way, you can add it to the Startup folder with the Start menu or you can right-click the desktop and select “New” then “Shortcut.” Then you can create a shortcut for the program, which can be stored in your Startup folder as well.
Delivered with compatible application icons, the tool offers a friendly user interface that lets you browse the backups in just a few clicks.
You can have a look at

Desktop Timer 2.14 Registration Code [2022-Latest]

This utility will provide you with an option to monitor some events such as CPU usage, time and disk usage, and will give you ability to define macros so that when a certain event happens, the software will be notified and the macroname will be recorded. It will also report the current macro results.
The program will allow you to define a macroname and to display the notification in the taskbar. The program is designed to be mostly compatible with other programs using the same format.
After installation of this free utility, if you do not know whether the macroname is enabled, you can disable it by changing the settings for the program and removing the “Presence of Macros” item from the list of settings.
Description of the program:
The main feature of this application is that it allows you to monitor the network activity. It will inform you as soon as there is any activity, i.e. File Transfer. Once the information is saved, you will get a notification of any changes.
Once you set up the connection, you will have the ability to define several events that would correspond to the activity. You can set the name for each macro as you wish, but each macro is independent from the others. You can save the macro’s name, you can also set up macros that will notify you as soon as a specific connection is established or when a connection is unsuccessful.
You will have the ability to monitor the activity with the monitor of network connections. When you are notified, you will be prompted to specify an event.
You will also be able to record each macro, print out, or save the information. The information will be saved in the registry in a temporary folder.
The program will change the status of the program to “User Disabled” when you disable the program.
The current version of this application supports the following events:
– Metered Connections
– Network Connections
– File Transfers
– File Transfers
– Network Conections
– Changes in the IP address
– Changes in the MAC address
– Changes in the DNS address
– Autodetect Hardware
– Dial-up Connections
– Customize Macro name
– Warnings
– Restart the computer
– Error Report
– Event Monitoring
– Auto Monitor changes in connection
– Send notification by email
– Send notification by XMMS
– Wake on LAN
– Wake on LAN Protocol
– Wake on LAN Protocol
– Wake on LAN Protocol

What’s New in the?

Based on the highly popular Windows Timer application ( Desktop Timer gives you a powerful timing option for your Windows startup applications.
With Desktop Timer, you can set a recurring timer to run specific applications at a specified time. Desktop Timer can be scheduled to launch applications at startup every minute, hour, day, week, month, or year.
Desktop Timer also runs as an executable file you can run when you wish. It will monitor the specified applications, triggering one or more days and hours of running. You can also setup the program to run on specific days or hours of the month. This means you can have a specific application run automatically on certain days of the week or month. The timing can be set up to be repeatable and even have days and hours with time overlap.
The executable is set to automatically run after it is closed and restarted. The executable also monitors for changes to the running applications that are monitored.
Desktop Timer is based on the Windows Timer executable, but it has many additional features, and is an easier to use application. As the product grows, so will the future development.
Date and Time Output Description:
A long time coming for all the regex lovers, this app is designed to help you cross the finish line in time, with a handy display for the current time and date.
The current time and date can be displayed in various formats, including the traditional numbers and the more readable date and time. Also included in this app is a dictionary and calculator, so you can just type in any time and date and have it converted to the accepted form.
Additionally, it includes a weather forecast for the current and any future date, as well as an abbr for more specific information. These also integrate with your Outlook appointment list, so you can just click on the abbr and be taken to the appropriate tab in Outlook.
Random Number Description:
A random number generator can be useful in any application. The available number of numbers is not a limit. They simply need to be selected and used.
This app makes it easy to generate large numbers of random numbers. They can be used in various types of games, card games, pool games, even for use in World of Warcraft.
You will be able to create a set of random numbers easily. You can even force the generation of a number between 1 and 2, ensuring you never get the dreaded 0.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98. Requires Microsoft.NET framework version 2.0 and
Windows Media Player version 11 (10 or higher will work with the Windows 7 version)
CPU: 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 or better recommended.
RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended)
Network: Broadband internet connection, download speeds of at least 2 Mb/s.
Graphics: 512 MB or more, DirectX 9-compatible graphics card
Sound: Direct X 9 sound card, compatible speakers with at least 7