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Operating System development requires specialized tools, especially considering the complexity involved, at multiple levels. Depending on the skill level and other relevant factors, developers might resort to several solutions.
DevOS Studio IDE, as its name suggests, is an integrated development environment that was designed in order to provide users with a highly specialized editor for creating, editing and deploying custom operating systems.
Coming in the form of an editor, it relies on the BASIC programming language, and it comes equipped with a series of purpose-fit development tools. For instance users will have access to a wide range of pre-defined keywords, which are aimed at increasing the process efficiency.
Furthermore, the editor comes packed with its own module that servers both as an emulator and compiler, in the form of DOSBox. Boot Floppy Development is also supported and besides the included keywords, the editor also features a library of statements and functions.
Last but not least, the editor offers highlighting and color coding for the keywords, statements and functions and a built-in compiler log will notify users of all the processes, their order as well as corresponding details, such as available and free memory, as well as times.







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Develop and build the operating system of your dreams.
This extensive IDE offers an integrated development environment, allowing for creation, editing and deployment of custom operating systems.
This IDE is based on the BASIC language and includes a high level of pre-defined keywords that are designed to make it fast, easy and efficient to develop.
Main features:
● Compiles up-to-date source code, emulates DOS and supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
● Compiles 64-bit BASIC programs from multiple source files
● Supports booting from floppy
● Includes a library of statements and functions
● Available as an IDE emulator for customizing any operating system
● Includes a DOS boot manager
● Supports a wide range of computing devices
● Includes detailed logging for all compiler processes
● Includes support for screen display
● Comes with a extensive documentation that includes a manual with step by step information on how to create custom operating systems
● A tool for creation of DOS boot manager
● Contains a built-in tutorial that takes you through the IDE’s tools and features
● Supports a simple hot-plug OS system, allowing for quick OS reboots without losing all state information
● Supports pre-compiled, CD-ROM based operating systems, allowing for easy deployment
● Contains an initial inventory of all requirements needed to get started, which includes a tutorial and BASIC compiler and emulator
● Compatible with version 7.5.1 and later
● Compatible with Windows and Linux (64-bit compatible)
● Free, fun and easy-to-use
DevOS Studio IDE Screenshots:

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DevOS Studio IDE Free

DevOS Studio IDE comes in the form of a desktop application that’s downloadable from the official website. In other words, it runs as a stand-alone application with its own user interface, designed with minimalistic lines and elements.
Therefore, the interface is rather simple, to provide for a less complex and quicker experience. Furthermore, it features both widescreen and desktop versions, meaning, it is of four sizes, and it supports both orientations, being, horizontal, vertical and diagonal.
Furthermore, the editor comes with an integrated help file, which provides users with step-by-step instructions on the usage of its features.
DevOS Studio IDE Features:
Amit Sharma has based his IDE on the QT-based cross-platform development technology, which allows it to run on Windows and Mac OS as well as on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.
As a result, it works on any device or operating system. Therefore, the IDE features both Windows and Mac versions.
Although the Editor is aimed at GUI-based development, it also supports the BASIC programming language. As a result, it is of two types: BASIC and GUI BASIC. Each is distinguished by its own language syntax and it runs on its own category, with its own keywords and functions, as well as its own IDE in addition to full support.
There are also eight different types of emulators, from the most simplistic DOSBox to a microDOS. Users have full control over the device in which they want to run the IDE on, in terms of CPU or graphics, so they can pick from among three different versions.
For instance, the DVD-Video is recognized by many emulators, as well as the FAT. Moreover, only the most limited of them are compatible with all emulators, which means that they are the DOS and QDOS only.
DevOS Studio IDE supported languages:
As mentioned earlier, the IDE runs on both Windows and Mac OS, so it supports both the BASIC programming language and also the GUI-based BASIC, which is compatible with both versions.

Developer integrated development environment (IDE) is a software development environment for the development of software applications. It has features intended for the creation, editing and simulation of software applications. The term IDE was initially coined by IBM, and the first commercially released IDE was Borland Developer Studio 2.0 (BDS 2.0). Common features of IDEs include integrated development environment, integrated debugger, integrated project

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DevOS Studio IDE is designed to support the process of building custom operating systems using BASIC, in line with most custom system software and operating systems.
So as to ensure that the built custom software operates at the highest level, DevOS Studio supports the use of DOS 7/8 and Windows NT, making it possible to run and debug the code. This is brought about by the fact that the DevOS Studio integrated editor is designed for DOS and Windows NT.
The Editor in DevOS Studio IDE comprises of seven major components, which make up the editor and are linked together as shown below:
1. Breakpoints
2. Source Code
3. Syntax Highlighting
4. C/C++ Compiler
5. BASIC Compiler
6. Debugger
7. Logger
As can be seen from the graphic above, each component is linked with a specific purpose.

From a development perspective, the Breakpoints component makes it possible for users to pause the execution process whenever it is necessary to make changes.
The source code component is what provides users with the ability to view the BASIC source code of a program.
The next component, Syntax Highlighting, enables users to properly highlight all necessary keywords and instructions.
The C/C++ Compiler offers users the chance to compile C/C++ codes, while the BASIC Compiler will help users turn the BASIC source code into ready-to-run binary code.
Likewise, users can also use the debugger component to monitor the execution process and make possible changes to it.
The last component, the Logger, keeps track of all the processes taking place, while offering users the chance to examine them at any time.
The integrated module that is used in DevOS Studio IDE as an emulator and compiler is designed to run and compile programs developed for DOS and Windows NT.
Likewise, DevOS Studio IDE also serves users with boot floppy development as well as BASIC development, which make it possible for users to set up, deploy and debug custom operating systems on the computers that are of interest.
Users can also specify the directory where their program will be stored.
DevOS Studio IDE license: Freeware

Developers consider a Linux package manager to be a convenient replacement for all the tools used to install and uninstall software from a system. Here are a few reasons why the Linux package manager is usually considered a better option for an operating system as compared to the Windows package manager:
• Maintains system

What’s New In DevOS Studio IDE?

– BASIC programming language support
– Built-in module for operating system development
– Computing environment emulator
– Development and debugging tools
– Implements import/export through GBASIC
– Import/export of files and data
– Built-in library of statements and functions
– Dual environment emulator
– Development area and program status monitoring

siterun Studio Overview:
Siterun Studio is an integrated development environment for creating and maintaining interactive and animated websites, based on ASP.NET technologies, HTML5 and JavaScript. The tool’s name comes from “Siterun” being a running application, as the IDE can be run “in the background” of a web browser.
Most features in Siterun Studio are basic, as the IDE comes integrated with its own Browser from Microsoft, in the form of Internet Explorer 11. In addition to the web browser and debug tools, Siterun Studio also offers integrated project management, item and object creation, preview, recording and editing.
Siterun Studio is designed to be simple and intuitive, with minimal features and ample possibilities. Most functions and commands for users are available in the basic form, which makes it easy for everyone to get started.
Siterun Studio features and description:
– ASP.NET, HTML5 and JavaScript support
– Integrated development environment
– Develop and edit websites
– Integrated project management
– Tool for pre-visualizing content
– Debugging tools
– Built-in item and object creation
– Built-in recording and editing
– Web browser and debugger integrated
– Integrated item and object management
– Integrated preview
– Integrated editing
– Integrated item management
– Integrated preview
– Integrated debugging
– Integrated recording

TESTscream is an integrated development environment for developing, testing and deploying operating systems. It is entirely based on QEMU, a virtualization software for providing users with the ability to emulate an entire PC or emulate several interconnected PCs together.
QEMU allows users to simulate the hardware and software of a PC, and to test operating systems using that platform. The tool can simulate a single PC as well as several PCs of various sizes.
TESTscream IDE is fully integrated into the QEMU software and comes with all the features it provides. If a user wishes to create a custom operating system, TESTscream will offer many different steps, from the initialization and file handling to compilation and debugging.
The IDE comes integrated with

System Requirements For DevOS Studio IDE:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.93GHz or better
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX 10-compatible hardware
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 2 GB
Additional Notes: It is recommended that you install Steam beforehand.
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows