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To show movies, Netflix also launched the first entertainment service,, focused on showing videos, games, and content that can be bought through Netflax.

In 2014, Netflactal launched the PlayStation 4 channel, which streams content for the PlayStaton 4 (one of the upcoming gaming devices), PlayStudios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, HBO, CBS Television Studios, iPlayer, and more.
This year, NetFlactal celebrated the launch of the PlayStore, the network’s first store based on the PlayStor platform, which brings together TV shows, games, movies, music and desktop wallpapers. The store will be available through the official website.
Proceeds from PlayStoryStore sales have been used to create online learning courses, helping more than 150,000 students around the world prepare for colleges and universities.
In addition, Netflakt sponsors CNBC, FOX News, Time Warner, CNET, TV Guide, CVG, CNN, ESPN, as well as series from Netflow and SundanceTV.
The portal has a high loading speed; the site can be checked within 1 second, while the Netflch website opens after 3 seconds.
Regular readers are already familiar with the National project, but the company later launched Films by Nature, a film production portal aimed at an older audience looking for fresh and creative films. The site is available for $1.5 (about 3.2 euros), but it can be significantly expanded through subscriptions and even rentals.
Content publisher Netflame Huludia launched a comic book movie in 3D Studio Max this year.
The independent American project Dubious Films launched the series Vice City, the plot of which is tied to the connections between crime syndicates and various government and non-profit organizations in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington.
The Netflunker subscription will allow Netflachas subscribers – “pranksters and pranksters” who receive