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By default, du will only list directories and not sub-directories. A -d option is used to include sub-directories
du for Windows Shortcut key: d
Version for Windows (Windows 7 and Vista): Available with KB 818499.

du by command in linux for example:
du -sh /var/lib/

How to Stop New Year’s Resolutions from Failing

How to Stop New Year’s Resolutions from Failing

You’ve made it, New Year’s eve. You’ve survived the dreary and cold nights and you’re ready to celebrate the first day of 2020. Even though you’ve already finished making that “To do list” for next year, chances are that you’re still thinking about New Year’s resolutions. While many people decide to make some sort of resolution for the new year, the odds are that they have failed miserably by the end of February.

Sometimes, New Year’s resolutions are too much to handle. They are, after all, complex, difficult, and they take a lot of self-control to stick to. Many people think that their resolution for 2020 has failed because it is too much to handle or they didn’t do well.

If you decide that it’s time to give up on your New Year’s resolution, take heart, as others have experienced the same thing before you. Below are some tips on how to stop new year’s resolutions from failing. If you still decide to set your resolution, remember that you have some tricks up your sleeve.

Tip 1. Keep It Simple, Keep It Honest

Starting a New Year’s resolution takes a lot of self-control. You might think that you can resolve to do something like take up swimming, but that can prove to be quite difficult. For those who have done well with a New Year’s resolution in the past, it helps to keep it simple.

Start with one or two things that you know you can stick to. If you resolve to take up jogging, pick out a couple of days in the week where you will fit in a jog. Include breakfast as a part of the routine. You’ll find that it doesn’t get more simple than that.

As for your resolutions for the new year, make them simple and honest. No one expects you to go from couch potato to marathon runner in the first week of 2020. Choose resolutions you know you’ll be able to stick to. If you can

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Using du for Windows Crack Keygen, you can determine the total size of directories and/or other files you are interested in. You can specify different output options including IEC, SI, and text.
du for Windows Features:
• Supports both IEC and SI formats
• Supports dealing with collections of directories
• Provides the total size and space usage of directories
• Provides the total size and space usage of files
• Supports big numbers and large disks
• Supports all disk types, including live disks and USB drives
• Can provide a summary, detailed listings, and/or exact information
• Can be used for extremely large numbers of files and directories
du for Windows is available for Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 (etc) (NOT FOR WINDOWS 10).
du for Windows Command Line Examples:
du -s **directory*** | less
du **/directory*** | less
du **directory***
du -s **directory**
du -hs /* | grep -v /
du -s /* | grep -v /*
du -hs /* | grep -v *
du -hs /* | grep -v *
du -hs **directory**/* | grep -v **directory**/*
du -hs **directory**/* | grep -v *
du -hs **directory**/* | grep -v *
du -hs /directory/* | grep -v /directory/*
du -hs /directory/* | grep -v *
du -hs /directory/* | grep -v *
du -hs **directory**/* | grep -v **directory**/*
du -hs **directory**/* | grep -v /*
du -hs /* | grep -v /
du -hs /* | grep -v *
du -hs /* | grep -v *
du -hs /* | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs * | grep -v *
du -hs /* | grep -v /
du -hs /* | grep -v *
du -hs /* |

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du tool is using a command-line interface.
du -ksh | awk ‘{print $5}’ |sort -n


As mentioned in the comments, you can use du. I would suggest you to have a look at the command du, available as a sub-command of ls or cd.
That said, in this (source) specific case, it seems you want to display the sizes of the files within a directory. Thus, it’s better to use the file command.
In your case, it’s
ls -lR | file -i — *

which will display the size of each file and finally the total size of the directories. If you want to pipe it to du, use tee:
ls -lR | file -i — * | tee | du -sh

More info here.


Activating a button from another

I have a problem activating a button from another.
There are 3 classes, two of them are called in the activity and the third one is called in the first one.
The first class looks like this
public class myActivity extends Activity implements OnClickListener

and it is called in the other classes and so:

And the second one looks like this:
public class registerType extends Activity
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

myLayout = (Button)findViewById(R.id.ID);
myLayout.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
Intent intent = new Intent(

What’s New In?

du is a command-line utility with options designed to operate at user level. It gives the current usage and/or disk usage for a set of dirs.
du for Windows Usage:
du [-c] [-d] [–stats] [-x] [–numeric] [-B] [–block-size=BLOCK_SIZE] [–help] [-v] [-f] directory1 directory2..directoryN
du for Windows Output:
du for Windows ustuation:
usage: du [-c] [-d] [–stats] [-x] [–numeric] [-B] [–block-size=BLOCK_SIZE] [–help] [-v] [-f] directory1 directory2..directoryN
du for Windows Options:
directory1 Specifies the directory1 to search from.
directory2 Specifies the directory2 to search from.
directoryN Specifies the directoryN to search from.
du for Windows Exit:
du for Windows Exit Code:
0 The operation succeeded.
-1 The directory was not specified.
-2 The specified folder does not exist.
-3 The specified folder is on a read-only filesystem.
-4 The specified folder is on a volume shadow copy.
-5 The specified folder is a mount point and is not a system directory.
-6 The specified folder is on a file system of type NTFS and the operation is only allowed on files.
-7 The given mount point is only allowed to be used in testing.
-8 The given mount point is not allowed to be mounted.

System Requirements For Du For Windows:

Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later
Internet Connection (takes a while for the patch to download)
File: UnityPatcher.zip
The Download page includes links to download the UnityPatcher from Please do not redistribute this file, the instructions are included.
Manual Installation:
Unzip UnityPatcher.zip into a directory of your choice
Run UnityPatcher.app
Run UnityPatcher.