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FatTony Full Version 2022

fatTony is a UPnP music streaming server. FatTony is specially developed for the UPnP Forum and is not compatible with UPnP 2.0. Thus, for example, if you try to access fatTony from different PCs, it will not work. It can be used for the same purpose as TwonkyVision, but it offers more functionality. For example, it can stream audio files as MP3, Ogg, Wav and Flac.
fatTony also functions as a local network music player, so it can be used as a standalone player. It’s independent of UPnP. You can also manage files and folders using the fatGUI.
The fatGUI is a GUI frontend to fatPlayer. You can setup fatPlayer and fatGUI on the same system, but for personal use it is recommended to have both fatPlayer and fatGUI on separate systems. For more information about fatPlayer and fatGUI visit


fatTony allows you ro stream mp3 files to your local network as well as to the Internet.

It represents a collection of software for:

Managing and playing mp3 files with fatManager

Assign songs to categories like genre, mood, year and how much you like a song. You can create your own sets of categories.

Intelligent Jukebox. Generate automatically song collections based on queries for categories. For example, with a few mouse clicks you can tell fatManager to select all songs which belong to the categories Rock, Alternative and Folk, with all moods except melancholic and which are from the year 1990 to 2010 and which you like a lot.

Audio streaming to the local network as well as to the internet (internet radio)

With fatTony and Icecast as mp3 or Ogg streams

Uses the same intelligent jukebox, this is a completely different approach from using UPnP, like for example TwonkyVision.

Remote control using fatPlayer or fatPocket

This is the real hit! Remote control fatTony via network and Wlan, so you can select songs and build playlists remotely from your PocketPC or Notebook / Subnotebook from your living room, while your music server is located in another room.

fatTony Description:

fatTony is a UPnP music streaming server. FatTony is specially developed for the UPnP Forum and is not compatible with

FatTony Activator

It has been a few years since I last used AIR. I tried to open up an iPhone application I had written in the last century, only to find out that AIR has become obsolete. I did not check to see if that was, in fact, the case, so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up my app.

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I looked at the comments by AIR3D developers and was not surprised to see they were complaining about the same thing. Just to get an idea of how they solved their problem, I examined the documentation in the help screens, which listed only one subcomponent called “Box”. The Box component is used to create a 3D box, by using the constructor with the same name.

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FatTony Download (Updated 2022)

fatTony is a Network-Mediaplayer for access to your local files and also to the Internet. The player supports the playing of all popular audio- and video-formats, including mp3 files.
If you like to have all your music files in one place, you can use fatTony as a central MusicManager.
If you are a big mp3-fan you can use fatTony as your audio-headset.
Watch out, when you start the player it asks for a username and password.
The user ‘fattony’ is admin, use this password as you would any other password.
fatTony can be installed and run under Windows 98/ME, NT/2000/XP/Vista.
The player uses WLAN for streaming, you can select the WLAN network or your local network to connect to.
The player has a secured web server (HTTP-Proxy), through which you can select the network, from which you want to play music.
fatTony can also be used with UPnP, all audio and video streams are played through the UPnP-server.
Installation is a breeze:
First download the.zip-File. There are two ways to run fatTony:
Open the zip-file and decompress the folder, you will be in the folder fatTony.
Copy the fatTony.exe from the folder fatTony to your fatTony folder.
In the event that you start the player from the desktop it will ask you for the folder where you want to put the player. Select the folder and hit ok.
To use fatTony as a Mediaplayer for playing music, select the server, select how many parts you want to display, and set the resolution and the quality-settings.
Now fatTony displays all your music and you can start playing it through the player.
You can also select mp3 files and stream them online to the internet. There are two ways to access fatTony over the internet:
Connect to the internet via WLAN and the TAP-Network ( fatTony uses UPnP to access the internet.
Use a netcat-connection to listen to all audio streams, from all mediaplayers in the network.
Fat Tony can also be used with UPnP. Simply select the UPnP-server on the setup menu and enter the server-adress into a browser.

What’s New In FatTony?

fatTony is your own music streaming solution.
Add songs to fatManager and fatTony automatically retrieves the information.
Sound quality of fatTony is much higher than UPnP and Icecast (feeds with Icecast).
Songs are stored in the database so you can find them later again.
You can assign a detailed description to every song in the database.
You can specify the mood and the category of each song in the database.
The latest file version is displayed.
You can select a mood and listen to what the song will sound like.
You can listen to a song and then select another mood or category.
You can be completely in front of your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
It works on an internal network too!
fatTony Requirements:
SQL Express
Help in portuguese.
Please make sure to unpack and install the files and delete fatTony.dat manually!
Upon first start, the configuration screen will be displayed.
Please choose “fatTony” from the menu.
Upon installation you will be prompted to open a file.
If you did not see the configuration screen during installation, start fatTony manually.
From the menu choose “Fatman Radio” (fatManRadio) from the
“Settings” to open the settings.
Here you can set new radio stations as well as import from other installations.
Click the red “Save settings” (SaveSettings) button to save your configuration.
There you can also import your favorite radio stations.
Add a music database.
If you have not already installed fatTony please install it first!
To import songs and enter an database, simply click on “Add Song”.
You can also change these settings in the configuration screen!
In the first tab “Song information” you can enter information about the song.
Please also enter the mood and the category in the correct field.
The moods can be selected from a list in the mood field.
The categories can be selected from a list in the category field.
FatTony does not allow you to add a song that is not in a mood or category.
Click “Add” to add the song.
To close the song entry screen, click “X” (close) in the top right corner.
If you click on the button “Cancel” (Cancel), you can come back to the
configuration screen without having added any songs.
The description field allows

System Requirements For FatTony:

Recommended for Internet Explorer 9.0 and up and for Firefox 9.0 and up.
User Account Controls (UAC) may be enabled for Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 in the system BIOS or UEFI Firmware. System requirements are dependent upon the driver you are installing. Use of a compatible Windows operating system is recommended.
If you do not have an Internet connection, download the ISO file to a USB flash drive or other storage media, and then boot from it.
Select a language on the