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Every file on your computer contains more info than dedicated content. Surface data allows you to know when it was last modified, whether or not it can be edited, and more. In case you want to edit these sets of details, specialized applications like FilerMate need to be used, since there are not default Windows features.
Input based on a file or folder
You get to check out the set of features in no time at all. Once launched, the window shows up with its clean, intuitive design which makes it pretty easy to identify sections and change attributes. Target management areas can mean file filters, timestamp, as well as file attributes such as archive, hidden, or read only.
Selection can either be done for a single file or the content of an entire folder. Although dropping a file or folder over the main window has no effect, relying on the browse dialog doesn’t require much effort. Note that only when selecting a single file can you work on filters, such as file masks, and whether or not to include subdirectories in the process.
Easily manage time and attributes
No value field is mandatory, and you’re free to change files the way you see fit. As far as timestamps are concerned, you can either copy existing data in between different field types like date of creation and last modified, or choose to inject a completely new time and date value for a field of choice.
Attributes can either be set from scratch or removed. You can work with attributes like archive, read only, system, or hidden. Sadly, these are not highlighted when choosing to remove attributes, so you need to make a lucky guess. Hitting the “execute” button almost instantly applies changes.
On an ending note
To sum it up, FilerMate is a quick, practical way of changing timestamps for the content of an entire folder with just a few mouse clicks. The configuration window is intuitive, with an easy method of selecting value fields to edit, and their new values either based on a single file, or a folder.


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FilerMate isn’t the best way to edit the properties of individual files. In fact, it’s not the best way to edit the properties of individual files at all.
It’s not so good at what it does, which is:
– apply the properties you specify to all files in the selected folders and subfolders
– apply the properties you specify to all folders and subfolders in the selected folders and subfolders
All of this is achieved by using a simple interface, with a simple behaviour, and a simple set of features.
It doesn’t have the power and flexibility that dedicated programs have.
You’ll never use it, or any other similar tool, if you need to set the above properties to the contents of every file.
It’s good if you have to do these things:
1. Append a timestamp to all files in a folder
2. Combine timestamp and file extension
3. Set permissions to restrict access to only specific users
4. Set a default file size limit (e.g. for Zip archive files, to prevent people from stuffing your site with huge files)
5. Set a minimum file size limit
And probably lots of other things that you won’t even think of
Let’s start with the interface
The interface in FilerMate is very simple, with a navigation bar on top of a list of folders.
There is a navigation bar with the following items:
Tools – Additional tools for the interface. Only useful if you are willing to use them. You can check “use tools”, to enable them.
Hide items – Items are shown or hidden. Choose to show or hide them.
Setup – Setup configuration of values for FilerMate.
Select action – Select from the list of actions that are available.
Settings – Change FilerMate’s settings.
Tools or Setup, you can also choose to add actions directly onto the item itself.

The interface goes like this:

Main Window – This is the window with the visible list of folders. In top right is a navigation bar, with the items listed above.
Tools – The list of actions that are available.
Setup – Change the settings of FilerMate.
Select action – Select from the list of actions that are available.

Select Action
In Select Action, you can choose to create a value by pressing the “default” button.
Press Delete to remove a value.
Press Add to

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FilerMate Crack Keygen is a simple and efficient way to manage timestamps for files and folders. Aiming at users who want to execute these file changes without needing to understand the endless list of Windows Registry keys, FilerMate Cracked 2022 Latest Version allows time and date changes for any individual field, or group of fields, at a time. FilerMate Free Download was developed to be efficient, and extremely fast, allowing users to make changes on a real-time basis.

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Older versions of Windows featured the file manager as a taskbar button with a right click, that allowed you to add files, or folders of files and at the same time apply changes to their timestamps.

This is a safety feature meant to prevent you from opening files with malicious intentions, although today’s security standards consider this process as safe enough to do without the need to activate any additional checks.

Download :

FilerMate Download Link:

NOTE: This software is not available for free.

Contact: FilerMate is a premium, paid-for application for all Windows based computers.

FilerMate may include a third-party trade mark and/or logo belonging to a supplier or manufacturer of the product being
observed. Microsoft is in no way to be associated with FilerMate.

Anything that is not an item in the Windows Marketplace or the Microsoft Software Center is an additional item. All remarks and suggestions are greatly appreciated.Q:

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Make a right click on the toolbar icon and click Customize the Toolbar.

Then in the Toolbar group box, select Search from the list and in the SearchText box, enter “what you want to search”.

Click OK.


As far as I understand it, you want to select a different key, like the Ctrl key, instead of the default Esc? (Which also selects the Find Next text box.)
If so, you can find the place where you can set the key for the search icon (as shown in the screenshot in this answer).

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What’s New In FilerMate?

Free file manager which allows you to modify
properties (like the date of creation, last modified
date, date of last backup, date of last search, folder
copies), link properties, sizes, timestamps, and
attributes like read-only, archive, system, hidden,
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System Requirements For FilerMate:

Windows XP or later. Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
HDD: 1 GB RAM. (The minimum capacity is 500MB.)
Internet Connection: To play the games, we require access to the internet to download the client data.
3DS™, Wii U™, PSP™, or Nintendo® DSi XL™ systems: With the 3DS™ and Wii U™ versions, the file size is around 6 to 10 GB. (The minimum capacity is 500MB.) With the PSP™ version, the file size is around 12