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FixMyNumbers Cracked Accounts is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows you to rapidly perform regression and variance analysis, as well as certain special functions, in any type of data.
The user must input the name of the workbook and the data in the following format:

Time and date, or time of day when the data was recorded, is needed for regression analysis.

The data is separated by X values and Y values.

The user can set the reference column and reference row where the data starts, and that column and row is then automatically marked as the reference column and reference row. This makes it possible to quickly and easily perform regression analysis and other operations for data in columns C:G and rows 1:7 of the sheet containing the data.

When the data is loaded, all references are automatically set in the proper cells, making it possible to perform regression analysis quickly.

You can also define a range where you want to find the median, and then the user is presented with three options for calculating the median:

MEDIAN will use the median of the data in the range, using the whole range of data for that variable

MEDIAN MEAN will use the mean of the data in the range, the whole range of data for that variable

MEDIAN DEVIATION will use the standard deviation of the data in the range, the whole range of data for that variable

A working example to calculate the variance using reference ranges and MEDIAN DEVIATION can be found at
The user has the option of creating a range to find the median in the same manner that a normal range is used to find the median, then calculating the standard deviation of the data in the range, and then finally using the MEDIAN DEVIATION option to calculate the variance.

When regression analysis is performed, the user can choose one of three types of regression analysis:

Simple linear regression using the formula Y=a+bX

Polynomial regression using the formula Y=a+bX+cX2

Logarithmic regression using the formula Y=a+bX+cX1.5

The user can define the range where the analysis will be performed, and the results can be found in the EXCEL worksheet where the data was loaded.
The user can also define the reference columns and reference rows where the data starts.

You can export

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My version (3.0) is ready to go, and I’ve already finished adding English language support.
There is a month of bug fixes that should be included, and two more languages are currently under development.
My development costs are not trivial. If you want to support me, please consider buying the source code, or donating your money to my Kickstarter project. (or my other project,
JACK Description:
1) Currently, all the work is in the FixMyNumbers library. I believe it will be more than easy to get it running in another language.
2) Currently, FixMyNumbers can only be used to retrieve data from Excel files.
3) This version will only support Excel files
4) I won’t even support any more than a single worksheet
5) It has some really bad Windows performance issues.
6) Currently, I do not support any macros
As an extra note, I’ve always been poor with math and it is a tremendous amount of work to figure out exactly how I’m doing things.
So, I can be slow to fix a problem, or slower to give an answer to a question, as it takes a long time to check through all the calculations. I am improving my Math skills as fast as I can, but I can’t really know when I am completely done.
If you have an interest in this, I may be able to write a tutorial on how to use the app, and/or include the code for it.
If you don’t, no sweat, I can be slow to fix a problem, or slower to give an answer to a question, as it takes a long time to check through all the calculations.
I want to give a big thanks to the following people:
1) mikev1074, who taught me all about this kind of stuff by asking me questions.
2) Wally, who wrote about 500 lines of code to get FixMyNumbers running.
3) Buying the source code, or donating your money to my Kickstarter, is the best way to support my development, so here’s where you go to do it. (
4) This is only a beta version, but I will update it as fast as I can, in response to feedback.
5) I know


What’s New in the?

FixMyNumbers offers a number of features that makes it easier to perform complex statistical analysis on data. It supports plotting and data aggregation of scalar (simple) and vector (multivariate) data on a variety of scales. This program implements two approaches to statistics: visual and numerical.

* Set of data filters
* Visual plotting
* Data aggregation
* Grouping
* Bar, Line, and Table
* Simple average and mean
* Simple regressions and correlation
* Error bars and standard deviations
* Histograms
* Distribution plots
* Box plots and Standard Deviation plots
* Frequency tables
* Trend plots
* Correlation coefficients

RAT is an advanced tool for creating & simulating time series models in Excel. It allows the user to customize the simulation by selecting the data type and time scale of interest, then interactively setting the individual or group dynamics that are used to simulate the data. It offers a variety of capabilities for simulating time series from physical, chemical, social, and biological systems.

It’s time to let the professionals take over. Now with more analysis functions than ever, we are continuing to add new features to Rat. The program can simulate individual, simultaneous, time-dependent, and time-dependent simultaneous dynamics. It is easy to define the trend of one or more groups, while individual, other groups, and all data trends can be specified independently. It is also easy to define, generate, and summarize the data that is displayed in the output. The user can easily run the results on a number of different output formats.

* Ability to quickly and easily define a trend over a specified time range and time domain.
* Simulate data with a single trend or with multiple trends simultaneously, providing the option to dynamically change the number of trends.
* Simulate data on a scale from milliseconds to years, days to years, months to years, or years to years.
* Simulate data with or without error.
* Allow the user to specify the time steps, time increments, or time averages to be used in the simulation, and to indicate the length of time the simulation will take.
* Simulate data using different population distributions.
* Simulate data with or without correlation, to indicate if the data is autocorrelated, if there is correlation among the dynamics, or both.
* Simulate data using a “dynamic” population distribution (sometimes called a “modulated” distribution).
* Simulate data using a “superposition” population distribution (sometimes called a “pooled” distribution).
* Simulate data using a stochastic population distribution.
* Simulate data using a normal population distribution.
* Simulate data with a gamma distribution.
* Simulate data using a log-normal distribution.
* Simulate data using an exponential distribution.
* Simulate data with

System Requirements:

Windows – XP SP2 or higher
Mac – Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
Minimum Requirements:
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Genre: Action
Platform: Windows, Mac
Release Date: Available Now
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