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TVBox is a Windows freebie developed to allow users watch online TV with ease.
The design of the GUI is the one that makes everything impressively easy to use, although you may discover several drawbacks as you explore the application.
There's no search feature available, but TVBox lets users pick a channel by choosing from the available categories, countries and languages.
While categories include business, education, sports, news, music or kids, the “Country” drop-down menu provides access to channels from Canada, France, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Turkey or the USA.
A channel list panel is also included in the same main window, with a history tab to enable you easily reopen a channel that you previously loaded. What's more, you can add the items you like the most to favorites and access them again with just a single click.
The most important problem is that TVBox comprises only a small number of stations and you're not even allowed to add new ones or edit the existing entries. What's more, some of the listed streams are dead, so only a few channels actually work as they were supposed to.
On the other hand, TVBox doesn't require advanced computer knowledge to work properly and runs smoothly on all Windows iterations.
All things considered, TVBox does what it says and it not only lacks many important features, but it also needs major updates to the existing ones. More channels, an integrated search feature and stable links would definitely help a lot.









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Superior Image Converter can be used as an image converter to convert all your image format. These image formats include BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, ICO, EMF, GIF, PCX, TGA, JPEG, WMF, PCD, HDR, EXR, DDS, PSD, PS, etc. Convert all your original picture format with right click.
Superior Image Converter Features:
1. Most of the photo image formats available for you to convert are included, such as BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, ICO, EMF, GIF, PCX, TGA, JPEG, WMF, PCD, HDR, EXR, DDS, PSD, PS, etc.
2. Convert different picture formats with a simple drag and drop method.
3. Right-click the original picture file to convert it to the one of your choice with suitable quality.
4. Preview converted image before saving it.
5. Browse output picture folders.
6. Support batch processing.
7. Support to convert single or multiple files.
8. Support to convert GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, ICO, EMF, GIF, PCX, TGA, JPEG, WMF, PCD, HDR, EXR, DDS, PSD, PS, etc.
9. No need to install softwares.
10. Automatic dial and shadow adjustment for all the images.
11. No installation needed and no guide required.
12. It has the ability to split your big image into multiple image.
13. Feature an easy-to-use intuitive interface.
14. An ideal tool for all over the world travelers.

How To Install:
1. Unpack and install the.tar.gz file.
2. Copy the directory samples/image_converter_exe to the proper location on your computer.
3. Double-click the image_converter.exe to perform the fixup.

Help and Support:
If you have any questions or any suggestion regarding to this software, please feel free to write to us: we really appreciate your feedback.

Yummy Stamps for Windows
A fun, cute and fast solution for stamping your photos to make it more creative.
You can choose from various colors and styles to make your art pieces more attractive.
It can handle any of your existing photos and offers real-time

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Free Image Converter is a free utility which enables you to convert between graphics formats with ease. It helps to convert JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG and PCX image formats as well as audio file formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA and etc. No professional knowledge is needed to convert files using this program as all you need is to add the desired files and follow the simple instructions to finish your task.
Free Image Converter can also be used to merge multiple bitmap files into one and create cutout images with different sizes. It also enables you to create Flash animations, videos, screen captures and more.
Basic features include the ability to:
Convert between image formats: The program enables you to convert between graphics formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG and PCX image formats.
Convert between audio formats: As Free Image Converter can handle all formats of audio like MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA and etc, it provides a good helping hand for converting files.
Merge and cutout images: This tool includes the ability to merge multiple image files into one and create cutout images with different sizes.
Create Flash animations, videos and screen captures: No professional skills are needed to create these kinds of files with the program as it can handle all formats of graphics.
Print pictures at different sizes: This tool lets you print pictures at different sizes like 5×7, 5×9, 8×10, 8×12, 10×14 and etc. It also helps you create greeting cards and make banners from pictures and images.
Easy to use: Simple yet very flexible interface is included in the program. Also, it is very easy to use and supports all sorts of platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
What’s New in this Version:
· Upgraded to use Cocoa and Carbon APIs.
· Ability to convert audio files and images to WMV format.
· Ability to print pictures at various sizes.
· Ability to create QR codes.
· Ability to save as JPEG, GIF and PNG pictures.
· Added options to adjust image quality.
· Added the ability to save voice messages to MP3 format.
· Added the ability to change the main window color.
· Improved the functionality of the program.
What’s New in This Release:
· Ability to convert files to WMV format.
· Ability to print pictures at various sizes

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Free Image Converter is a graphical image file converter for Windows operating system. With a simple and clean interface, it can convert almost all image formats to most other image formats. Free Image Converter has various powerful conversion functions and it can convert pictures to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIF, TGA, WMF, EMF, PCX, and PSD.
– Convert single image, batch convert to a certain format.
– Now it supports speed improvement.

– Convert almost all picture formats to other formats
– Image resizing: you can resize an image and make it smaller or larger
– Supports speed improved(enhances the performance and saves the time)
– Now convert batch convert to a certain format,easy to use
– Destinations: you can choose the output format
– Save as: it will save the images into different folders
– You can use the ‘Convert to’ function to convert a specific file
– The conversion process will be shown in the status bar
– Image quality can be controlled by yourself and set to the default settings automatically
The new version is compatible with the 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

The app can convert any kinds of images, or convert a batch of the images to any formats, which makes it a good choice for users.
The conversion can be done in batches, and that, for example, the smaller images can be converted at once, and they can be converted in a folder.
The user can adjust the quality to be either 60 or 80, and keep the default, which is 90. The settings are saved automatically.
After its release as a shareware, MacPaint became a commercial program and a major milestone in Apple’s history. The concept of digital painting soon become popular, because it could be used for everything, including drawing, lettering, sign, and other graphic arts. It is one of the first cases where users were able to turn digital images into works of art directly in a digital form.
MacPaint can create images in grayscale, multiple layers. This allows you to create complex and artistic images. The built-in palette covers a wide range of colors, which gives the opportunity to create soft and bright colors. One of the advantages of the software is that it is a vector program.
It comes with a free version and a paid version.
Snipping Tool

What’s New In Free Image Converter?

This is the best IMAGETOOLBOX and IMAGEMAGICK for image editor and viewing. Converting your images from JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and other popular picture formats to BMP, TIFF, PCX, etc. in batches.
A lot of options about all functions is available to control quality, size and resolution. For advanced users, the program can restore images with low-quality settings and convert them into progressive JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs or animated GIFs.
Key Functions:
– Batch converting – Batch converting a folder in a couple of seconds, the program can convert JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PCX, TIFF, TGA, WMF, EMF, ICON, ICO, XPM and other image formats.
– Thumbnail – The program can quickly create thumbnails in BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF, JPG and other formats with highly customizable options.
– Cropping – The program can cut pictures into the desired ratio automatically and easily.
– Image with watermarking – The program can add a watermark to a batch of JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PCX, TIFF, TGA, WMF, EMF, ICON, ICO, XPM and other image formats.
– Rotate/Flip/Mirror – Use the Rotate feature to quickly flip, rotate, scale and rotate to achieve different results.
– Rotate to as Degree (Degrees from 0 to 359) – Rotate pictures in batch is easier.
– Resizing – The program can resize JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PCX, TIFF, TGA, WMF, EMF, ICON, ICO, XPM and other image formats.
– Brightness/Contrast – The program has a set of easy-to-use Brightness and Contrast settings to help you optimize your pictures.
– Image Resizing – The program can quickly resize JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PCX, TIFF, TGA, WMF, EMF, ICON, ICO, XPM and other image formats, so you can get more detailed photos.
– Image Enhancements – The program has multiple image enhancement tools to help you use powerful features to adjust your pictures.
– Preview – The program can view the whole, part, thumbnail and preview of the images.
– Copy to clipboard – Copy the whole image to

System Requirements For Free Image Converter:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium-4 (2.4GHz) or above (2GHz recommended)
Memory: 1GB RAM
Video: Intel GMA 950, Intel GMA X3100, or above ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600
Hard Drive: 730MB of free disk space
Primary Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Display: 1024 x 768
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Keyboard: Standard keyboard