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Honestech.VHS.to.DVD.v4.0.25.[WwW.PorTorrent.CoM].Por.Gamolama.r crackMigration of anterior segment lens epithelial cells in the unoperated eye following extracapsular cataract extraction.
The migration of anterior segment lens epithelial cells from the anterior chamber (AC) to the posterior chamber (PC) after uneventful extracapsular cataract extraction was investigated in the rabbit eye. Microsurgery was performed on one group of rabbits, after suture of the superior iridectomy, and again a week later, followed by fixation of the intraocular lens (IOL) and removal of the suture. In a second group of rabbits, the optic of an anterior chamber IOL was inserted without suturing the superior iridectomy, and then anterior segment lens epithelial migration to the PC was investigated. The eyes were fixed at 24, 48, or 96 h after the operation and their AC and PC were then removed and processed to detect immunoreactive cytokeratin in the anterior segment epithelium. Epithelial migration to the PC was found in all eyes and was detectable at 24 and 48 h, but it was quantified only in the 24-h group. The initial migration from the AC to the PC represents a rate of epithelial cell displacement of about 60 microns per 24 h. In most cases, the migrating epithelium appeared to move on the posterior surface of the IOL (ciliary process zone), although it was occasionally seen on the anterior surface, just posterior to the lens capsule. Lens epithelial cells were also detected in the space between the IOL and the iris, implying that these cells migrate through this space as well. It appears that these cells are either shed or phagocytosed by the IOL cells. These findings indicate that anterior segment lens epithelial cells undergo continuous migration from the AC to the PC, and that the IOL itself plays a significant role in this process.Fluoride improves bone metabolism in rat model of insulin-dependent diabetes.
Since skeletal complications are a characteristic of diabetes mellitus, its treatment with fluoride supplements could be considered. This study assessed fluoride contribution in bone metabolism in a rat model of insulin-dependent diabetes. Thirty-two male Wistar rats (180-200g) were submitted to a period of 26 weeks, divided into two groups: control group and diabetic group. Diabetic group



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