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iMac icons brings you a nicely done collection of icons that were designed for you to enjoy onto your home computer. All the icons that were compiled in this pack are available in two formats for you to choose from: ICO and PNG.
Use them to give a fresh new look to your desktop files and folders!


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This is a professionally made set of graphics that are suited to make the user’s work more efficient, thus promoting better performance. Have you ever wanted to make sure that your files and folders were arranged just the way you like them to be? Now you have the opportunity to do so with our professionally made set of icons. You can use them to give a fresh new look to your desktop files and folders. The set consists of 200 icons that are all available in both SVG and PNG formats.
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It is not just a set of images

You will be amazed as you can see, how many different ways you can arrange the icons on your desktop. Furthermore, you will also appreciate that all of the icons are available in two formats, so you can choose the one that you need and use it. Also, the set comes with a preview function, so you can see how it looks before you download.

This set is also a great value

Don’t spend any of your hard-earned money on purchasing expensive icons and then later discovering that they don’t look good on your desktop. Instead, choose this set and enjoy. You don’t need to worry about paying additional money, as all of the icons that were used in the designs of this set come at a one-time charge. Enjoy!Body-sized habitation

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IMac Icons Crack +

A collection of beautiful Mac icons designed for you to enjoy!
These icons are available in two formats: ICO (Icon) and PNG.
The iMac icons are organized in folders. Each icon in that folder represents a different functionality and look (e.g. desktop folder, desktop folder with document icon and desktop folder with image icon).
Each icon is a small vector graphic with high resolution. They can be used at any size and positioned anywhere on your system.
Also, each icon has different states, so you can easily add more icons onto your desktop!

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A 7 Color Icons Collection. Mac is now a common resource to the majority of people nowadays. In fact, more and more, people consider Mac their first choice for any kind of personal computer and they are extremely happy with the result. Mac OS X is a graphical operating system developed by Apple. It is also the core of their iLife and iWork systems.

Download Mac OS X Icons: 7 Color Icon Pack.

This Mac OS X icons collection was carefully designed by the developers team of Relaxed Software and although they already provided 3 similar collections, this one is surely unique! It has been designed to bring you a pleasant and colorful collection that you’ll find easy to use and that will match perfectly with the other elements of your Mac desktop.

These icons are easily editable, depending on the icon format that you choose, you have your choice between PNG and ICO formats.

Meticulously crafted, all the icons in this collection are in high definition and were carefully designed by the developers team of Relaxed Software. Furthermore, each and every one of them was optimized for the OS X platform, which is known for being intuitive and simple.

So, if you’re looking for a pack of icons that are easy to use and that will bring a fresh new look to your computer desktop, then, this Mac OS X icons collection is the icon pack for you!

You can easily download them to your computer and start enjoying your Mac in a brand new way!

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OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8
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