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IPI.MANAGER PRO Crack+ With Key For Windows (2022)

IPI.MANAGER PRO delivers the same high-class capabilities that make our full-featured, 3.5-inch disk program the most popular for personal use.
Users of this economical version of IPI.MANAGER may assign tasks, track progress, gather history and enter information about each task into a “memorandum” using a simple forms. The memorandum is automatically kept in the database and will be available to the user at any time.
Work with computers on a network is now much easier, since all databases of employees and customers are accessible to the whole company.
IPI.MANAGER PRO’s features include:

· New system to assign tasks, track tasks and execute mail (customer and manager tasks).
· Automatic assignment of tasks to staff members (this feature works for all tasks).
· Automatic assignment of tasks to projects (this feature works only for projects).
· System to assign tasks to executives (this feature works for all tasks).
· Database for memos, tasks, tasks with responses, projects, statistics and activities.
· All databases accessible from any computer, even those located in distant offices or public access computers.
· Fully compatible with our full-featured, 3.5-inch disk program IPI.MANAGER.
· Fully compatible with our full-featured, CD-ROM program IPI.ADMIN.
· New system to classify documents.
· Compatibility with our version of Microsoft Word 3.0.
· Compatibility with Excel version 5.0.
· Compatibility with Access version 2.5.
· Compatibility with Lotus version 1.2.
· A powerful spreadsheet – compatible with all Windows version.
· Compatibility with our version of WordPerfect X3.
· Compatibility with the I4 version of Windows 95.


The following sub-menu contains the tasks that are available in IPI.MANAGER PRO – TASKS – ACQUIRE:

There are 4 kinds of tasks in IPI.MANAGER PRO – TASKS – ACQUIRE:
1. Customer Queries
2. Manager Tasks
3. Unassigned Tasks
4. Project Queries
1. Customer Queries

The new component of IPI.MANAGER PRO – TASKS – ACQUIRE is of “Customer Queries”, “Manager Tasks”, “Unassigned


· User friendly interface to prevent your users from becoming frustrated and maintain their attention on the program for a long time.
· Very efficient, fast, and convenient to use
· Flexible, powerful, and up to date (new features added in the course of the program’s life)
· Ready for integration into your website, or into e-mails and web pages
· Many features developed in accordance with the ISO 9000 standards
· Compatibility with Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Mac OS, Linux
· Virtual memory and local clipboard for saving all work created in the program
· Possibility to open and close all windows from one icon (under Windows 95/98 only)
· Possibility to open files with embedded macros in a text editor without macros and with macros
· Possibility to save documents with embedded macros in a text editor without macros and with macros
· Possibility to save documents with embedded macros in a text editor without macros and with macros
· Possibility to save documents with embedded macros in a text editor without macros and with macros
· Possibility to save documents with embedded macros in a text editor without macros and with macros
· Tasks with managers
· Compatibility with new Microsoft Office Excel 2003
· Possibility to switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla FireFox
· Flexible automation of tasks
· Possibility to share files with your client via Internet
· External system allowing you to maintain your records in the internet using MS Access or MS DB
· Possibility to save files as attachments in mail messages and web pages
· Possibility to receive all e-mails to your e-mail box
· Possibility to send e-mails using built-in templates
· Possibility to read and reply to e-mails
· Possibility to attach file to e-mails
· Possibility to forward mail to e-mail addresses
· Possibility to view PDF files
· Possibility to record task execution
· Possibility to process the query answers
· Possibility to send the e-mails to managers
· Possibility to review all e-mails received
· Mailing manager
· Possibility to send mail automatically with the help of Microsoft Outlook
· Possibility to stop receiving e-mails
· Possibility to send new e-mails to the customers
· Possibility to send e-mails to the manager automatically
· Possibility to send e-mails to the employees automatically
· Possibility to view the task history
· Possibility to set a

IPI.MANAGER PRO Crack Product Key

· Localization, customization, and automation of the package:
1) You can enable localization, which means that the number of program’s messages will depend on the language your customers speak. To do this, choose one of the supported languages in the options menu, and go to the second part of the localization setup.
2) IPI.MANAGER is configurable to your needs:
– You can specify the layout of all windows, menus, buttons, user tasks;
– You can specify how IPI.MANAGER will display your main menu and its items.
– You can set the keyboard shortcuts of all items.
3) Automation:
– You can schedule all user tasks for a specified date/time, or you can assign them to certain employees;
– You can automatically send task assignment, task reminders and task execution updates to a specified number of employees;
– You can automate the task reminders (even if there is no manual activity in the database);
– You can set dates when new tasks must be assigned or are due to be executed.
· Task management:
– You can designate executive employees to be assigned to your tasks;
– You can specify the number of managers assigned to a task;
– You can also specify executive responsibility for each manager, giving them specific permissions on the task;
– You can arrange tasks in chains, with a new task starting only after the previous one has been completed;
– You can provide your tasks with a deadline;
– You can set a default value for the priority of your tasks;
– You can also add a report for each task;
– You can also display task details in the main window in a tree form;
· Gantt chart:
– You can use the Gantt chart to view all your tasks;
– You can specify the minimum and maximum dates for execution of a task;
– You can set the exact time for executing a task;
– You can schedule tasks to be executed by specified employees;
– You can display the list of employees assigned to a task;
– You can designate each employee as a task initiator or as a task manager;
– You can display information about the employees assigned to a task (their names and roles);
– You can designate which employees are responsible for a task;
– You can also display the schedule of each task, using the Gantt chart;
– You can specify the number of employees assigned to

What’s New in the IPI.MANAGER PRO?

IPI.MANAGER PRO, developed by Agile Networks, brings a number of unique features to your business. It lets you assign tasks among your employees, manage your daily activities, and define the cost to your company by the number of outstanding tasks.
IPI.MANAGER PRO provides multiple channels for communication between employees and managers. It includes standard e-mail functionality, and it can be used as a company’s answering machine.
As it does not employ any Windows-based technology, IPI.MANAGER PRO is compatible with any operating system. It provides an excellent user experience and enables you to get maximum benefit from your web site.

IPI.MANAGER PRO provides a number of unique features:
· New message waiting indicator displayed on web site;
· Possibility to automatically move the system to offline mode (no Internet connection);
· Automatic backup to your files (a copy of the system will be saved on your hard drive every few hours);
· Ability to assign a task to the assigned manager or to specific employees.
This program is tightly integrated with MSN. It can fetch calendar and e-mail information from your MSN account and display them on your web site.
IPI.MANAGER PRO provides many functionalities for employees, who can view their personal list of tasks, see a summary of their work, and save their statistics. Employees can also check their manager’s tasks and reply to them via e-mail.
The system sends an e-mail message to the author and to your company managers at the moment of a task completion, including statistics, an external link, and a link to the URL where the task is stored.
IPI.MANAGER PRO enables you to manage your tasks by dividing them into sub-tasks, and it allows the execution of sub-tasks only when the sub-task’s parent task is completed.
The manager can assign a task to his subordinate; employees can send questions to their managers; tasks may be arranged in chains, with a new task starting only after the previous one has been completed; you can also set a deadline for executing a task and its importance for your company, and use many other valuable features.
IPI.MANAGER PRO can be used as a unified center incorporating all customer queries, manager tasks, current projects, and personnel instructions. Your employees will then work with a single information center replacing the variety of programs they may now be using in your office.
IPI.MANAGER PRO is useful for any business that involves the tracking of incoming and outgoing e-mail and/or tasks.

Benefits of IPI.MANAGER PRO:
· You will be able to process

System Requirements For IPI.MANAGER PRO:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: x64 Processor (2.4 GHz or faster)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 2D graphics card
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 2D graphics card