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Kaazing Gateway was designed to be an open source, full-duplex streaming Web server, and is the world’s first enterprise-ready implementation of the HTML 5 Web Sockets specification—a standards-based alternative to Comet and Ajax.


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Kaazing Gateway is an HTTP/2 server that makes life easy for you to implement Web Sockets into your application.
Kaazing Gateway can serve up to 1000 concurrent connections and support authentication and encryption.
Kaazing Gateway also implements the WebSockets specification and has been tested on a variety of browsers, servers, and device platforms
Kaazing Gateway Application Programming Interface (API):
The Kaazing Gateway API is built with a unifying messaging layer that decouples all of its components:
The Messaging API makes it easy to build a message queue, such as a queue that stores WebSocket connections and their data, and a separate queue that stores WebSocket requests that need to be transmitted to the WebSocket connections
The WebSocket API makes it easy to create WebSocket requests from HTTP clients and send those requests to the messaging queue
The API can run either in-process or in a separate thread, and is configured with application-specific options through the configuration file format, which is very similar to J2EE configuration files
Kaazing Gateway implementation:
Kaazing Gateway is an open source, full-duplex WebSocket server
Kaazing Gateway implementation is built from a WebSocket source module that makes it easy to write WebSocket applications that are deployed with Kaazing Gateway
The Kaazing Gateway implementation contains a Comet-compatible HTTP server and WebSocket server, as well as an AMPQ (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) messaging engine
Kaazing Gateway supports authentication and encryption.
All of the above components are easily configurable through the Kaazing Gateway Web Configuration tool
Kaazing Gateway supports HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2, and uses Jetty and OSGi for the underlying HTTP/2 implementation. 
Kaazing Gateway can optionally be used as an Apache Camel Servlet Filter
Kaazing Gateway supports a simple, feature-rich, and open source API, and is easy to customize
The Kaazing Gateway API provides for the seamless integration of Kaazing Gateway into an existing application
The API has an expansive configuration file format that allows for the definition of a custom API implementation that can be downloaded and integrated into the application
The Kaazing Gateway API enables the API to be a self-contained, reusable, and reusable programming interface
Kaazing Gateway has been deployed in production with over 300 users, over 60 applications, and hundreds of developers
Kaazing Gateway implementation in the Kaazing Gateway implementation:
Kaazing Gateway was built with a Java EE

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* Streaming HTTP Support for HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.0 over TCP
* Unicode 8.0 Support
* UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-16BE Content Encoding
* International Language Support
* HTTP Digest Authentication Support
* HttpProxy Support
* HTTP Keep-Alive Support
* B.I.B.P. Support
* SSL (TLS/IKE) Support
* Session Management and Related Techniques
* I18N (internationalization) Support
* Custom and Community Websites (Binaries, Forums, Documentation, Etc.)
* Development Environment Support
* Flexible Content Format Support
* HttpProxy Support
* Vary: Accept-Encoding
* Many other high quality features





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We build a fully-managed, no-DLL, fully-featured Web Server to provide a web application interface to existing Java and.Net data sources. Kaazing Gateway also allows the administration of (Java) sessions. Kaazing Gateway is compatible with most web and mobile client technologies, including WAP and WML, Java,.Net, AJAX and traditional browsers. Kaazing Gateway is a Web Server. It sits between the client and the database, providing a way for your web application to talk directly to the database. Kaazing Gateway sits between the HTTP client and the database, providing a way for your web application to talk directly to the database
Kaazing Gateway is an open source product, licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The WebSocket API is not only available to Kaazing Gateway users, but also to anyone.
Kaazing Gateway can be used as a full-duplex server.
Kaazing Gateway can be used as a stand-alone application or as a Java Web Service.
Kaazing Gateway works with almost any database, and can work with virtually any Java or.Net database, including JDBC and ADO.NET.
Kaazing Gateway is also compatible with Windows Mobile 7, Apple iOS, and mobile client technology.
Kaazing Gateway is not Java or.Net dependent, and can be used with virtually any language.
Kaazing Gateway is developed in object-oriented C++.
Kaazing Gateway is a high performance, throughput server, running a unique blend of the following technologies:
Java Server Pages
Web Services and SOAP/XML-RPC
XML Parsers
JSON parsers
Kaazing Gateway Clients:
Client developer support is available for most popular technologies.
The Kaazing Gateway client library implements support for WebSocket and is a native-javascript implementation of the WebSocket protocol.
It supports JavaScript, Java, and Perl.
Client developer support is available for mobile clients with a wide range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
Kaazing Gateway is ready for deployment with the following client technologies:
Web browsers
Traditional browsers
Mobile clients
Mobile/Web browsers
Windows Mobile
Windows Phone
Table 1. Client Technology Support
Client technology compatibility is a key concern for Kaazing Gateway because the ease of use of clients is a key factor in the

What’s New In?

Kaazing Gateway was designed to be an open source, full-duplex streaming Web server, and is the world’s first enterprise-ready implementation of the HTML 5 Web Sockets specification—a standards-based alternative to Comet and Ajax.

Kaazing Gateway is written in Java and can be run on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. It currently runs under Oracle Java 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8, and JDK 1.5.

Kaazing Gateway was designed to be an open source, full-duplex streaming Web server, and is the world’s first enterprise-ready implementation of the HTML 5 Web Sockets specification-a standards-based alternative to Comet and Ajax.

Kaazing Gateway architecture

Kaazing Gateway provides the following key features to integrate streaming with Java:

The ability to transfer binary streams directly in a socket.

The ability to implement and work with the browser’s binary transfer protocol, HTTP/1.1 GET and POST.

The ability to interface directly to Java.

The ability to communicate to any number of Java servlets.

The ability to redirect requests from any URL to any servlet.

The ability to send data to any URL over the network, regardless of origin.

The ability to implement a server that implements the Socket, ServerSocket, Server, and OutputStream interfaces.

The ability to stream data with both synchronous and asynchronous requests.

The ability to respond to http and https requests.

The ability to work with the current Java 1.6/1.7/1.8 and JDK 1.5+ browser support.

It is not possible to stream arbitrary data or binary data using Javascript (or any other client-side mechanism).

Kaazing Gateway’s architecture

Kaazing Gateway is a client/server architecture. A client makes a request to a service, and the service is responsible for delivering the request to a server.

The server is responsible for handling the request. The server can either accept a request from a client or it can redirect a client.

The server is the only service that communicates with clients.

The client and server communicate directly via the HTTP/1.1 protocol.

There is no intermediary, such as a web proxy, between the client and the server.

Kaazing Gateway is built on open standards, and supports Web Sockets and the JavaScript-based socket.io framework for application-layer connectivity. The underlying mechanisms of Kaazing Gateway’s data transfer protocol are based on the binary transfer protocol specified by the HTTP/1.1 specification, which allows Kaazing Gateway to transfer data in a binary format.

Kaazing Gateway’s architecture

Kaazing Gateway is a client/server architecture. A client makes a request to a service,

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional (32-bit only)
Mac OS X (10.3.9 or higher)
PlayStation 2 – (512MB or greater)
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