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Kabeja is a Java based framework that unites the DGN2 and the SVG file formats into one document. With its GUI, you can view and edit your DXF Documents in the same way as if you were looking at the Google Earth and Google Maps data.

This project started as a small tool (written in Java) to transform tif to svg. Now it looks like a large framework for creating static DGN files for JEE applications. I started to implement a lot of features, but it is still too early.
To use the DXF2SVGViewer you need
■ Java 6 or higher
Kabeja Description:
Kabeja is a Java based framework that unites the DGN2 and the SVG file formats into one document. With its GUI, you can view and edit your DXF Documents in the same way as if you were looking at the Google Earth and Google Maps data.

This extension of Cocoon is intended to serve XML artifacts in the form of DXF, DWG, DGN, SVG or DTG files. It provides a DXF2SVGViewer for converting those files to SVG code. It also comes with a small processing system that allows to process, filter (e.g. XSLT) and convert the DXF draft to different output formats (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, XML).
The text apects of the DXF file can be extracted and processed (e.g. WP, Tag, Info,…). Various filters can be added that allow for manipulating the transformation (e.g. rotate, zoom, traslate).
Basic Usage
The automatic DXF2SVGViewer is embedded in the XML Text Editor. Just copy and paste the DXF file to the pasteboard and the tool will generate the SVG code. In the pasteboard you can now place the file and the SVG code will be inserted into the XML text editor.
The automatic DXF2SVGViewer is available for Windows and Mac OS X. It works well if you just want to convert a DXF file to SVG, but it also supports the following
Elements that can be inserted into the generated SVG:
■ Inks

Kabeja Free Download

Kabeja Download With Full Crack is a DXF viewer with full SVGWrapper support and free of charge for non commercial use.
This viewer can be used by developers to check the correctness of their graphics components.
Kabeja Torrent Download makes use of a text based GUI that provides simple and fast interactions with your SVGWrapper projects.
Kabeja features
– fast rendering of diagrams
– text based user interface
– compare tool
– export SVG
– export XML
– postprocessing tool
– debug tool
– reports
– SVG-CSS tool
– DXF support
– import and export of OMS export format
■ Java
Kabeja Functionality:
Kabeja provides an integrated SVG viewer with full SVGWrap support and graphical viewer for DXF and EPS files.
Kabeja focuses on creating a viewer that provides a simple and fast way to check the correctness of your SVG-Graphics.
In addition to this Kabeja provides a free processing engine that can be used to add processing to SVG documents or convert these documents to other output formats (PDF, JPEG, XML, PNG, TIFF).
Kabeja can be used to generate PDF documents from various DXF file formats.
Additionally, Kabeja supports postprocessing and a debugging mode.
Kabeja was developed for the SVG Wrapper project but can be used for any Java application that deals with SVG documents. 2012-05-16

Bugfix for console color. 2012-05-16

Documentation added. 2012-05-16

Minor bugfixes. 2012-05-16

Major Release. 2012-05-16

Limited DXF support. 2011-09-07 Kabeja is based on the original SVG Wrapper project and provides a simple and fast viewer for SVG documents.
Kabeja can be embedded into Java-Applications and runs on most OSs.
The program features the ability to compare and manipulate your SVG documents and supports export to PDF and other formats (JPEG, GIF and PNG).Q:

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The Kabeja Viewer allows you to view and navigate through DXF Files in an interactive way. With the Kabeja Viewer you are able to select elements and features and display them in the graphical user interface. The selected elements are further separated into different layers. You can then easily navigate through all layers.
The draft can be printed to an existing printer or it can be saved as a.dxf file. Additionally, you can export and show the created.dxf file in the Kabeja Viewer.
Kabeja is a commercial application. The licensed Kabeja Viewer supports Kabeja 3.0. It is not possible to deploy Kabeja Viewer to PWS or to use this software on other sites than are hosted by the company Kabeja.
Please contact Kabeja with any questions.

Get Started

Download the Kabeja Viewer and open the.dxf file you want to process in Kabeja Viewer. (e.g. by using the File>Open menu item or by double-clicking the.dxf file). Then select the “Process draft” to start the conversion process.

The transformation will start.
The Kabeja Viewer will show progress (see above).

When the draft is completely processed you’ll get the generated.svg-File.

You can save the generated SVG file and optionally the generated.dxf file.

If you want to do so, you can use the right click menu item to save the converted.svg-File as.zip-File.


You’ll find all Kabeja Viewer usage instructions at


This is a tool that reads an SVG file and then offers a 1-click conversion of the SVG into a DXF-document in a variety of other formats.
It can be used with the paid-version or with the freeware version (purchased with a license key).

You can download and use the free version without purchasing any license.
You can use the license key of the paid-version to use the tool on any site without limitations.
You can use the free version on site-owned machines without limitations.

Required Software:

SVGFEDealer consists of different programs that need to

What’s New in the Kabeja?

Kabeja allows a drawing application to be integrated into Eclipse’s (or any other J2EE/GUI) development environment as a plugin. The plugin’s editor window serves as a window where the drawing application is integrated with the development environment. Once the drawing application has completed drawing, the plugin will generate and display output files in any format you would like.
Besides generating the output files, Kabeja can open these files and expose them to the user as they would be in their native environment.
Open source:


Developed as a part of W3C Working Group 18.2 (Geospatial Web Services)

Apache License v2

Kabeja Components:

Main Components:


Kabeja: can be embedded into the application but it is not necessary.
Kabeja also connects to the Eclipse workspace and can act as a bridge to the ADF application runtime and server.
Kabeja can invoke the ADF application as external JARs or as a web module, so you can export it to a web application or a Rich Client Application.
Kabeja supports:
– EMR’s ASF Export and ADF Rich Client Application Export
– ADF Data Services Export
– EMR’s Web Application Export
– EMR’s Rich Client Application Export
– Other ADF Data Services
– Other ADF Web Application
– Other Swing Components
– Other Rich Client Components
– Other J2EE Components
– Other J2EE Processes
– Other Java Components
– Other Application Servers
– Other Administrative Processes
– Other Administrative Operations
– Other Applications Assembled By Other Components
– Other Components Assembled By Other Components
– Other Extensions
– Other DLLs (Dependencies)
– Other Deployment Processes
– Other Testing Processes
– Other Useful Operations
– Other

System Requirements For Kabeja:

Microsoft Windows 7
Intel Processor: Core i3, i5, i7
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
Intel Processor: Core i