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Support for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 information contained in the e-mail.

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NickWare Essential O is a PC maintenance solution that is designed to do the following:
Perform the following:
• Manage various system tasks
• Optimize the system to its best performance
• Clean and repair various components of the system
• Keep a log of the activities performed (recording and updating them)
• Perform scheduled diagnostics
• Monitor various systems and provide performance data
• Collect various statistics
Run by:
• NickWare Technologies
• Alignment Lake

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Windows 10 computers can be anywhere from a frustrating experience to a frequent irritant. Switching from Windows 7 was always easy—just log in, click on Start to access desktop, and then point and click until you were satisfied. But with Windows 10, the process is more complicated.

Windows 10’s Start menu has replaced the all-too-familiar Start button with a mix of old and new menu options. If you want to find a particular program or file with a menu option, you might need to scroll through a list of submenus, or enter a few letters of the program’s name in an onscreen search bar, and then select an option from that long list of submenu options, several of which might be irrelevant.

Also, just about every function can now be accessed through an onscreen menu system instead of a few familiar point-and-click options—why? Because Windows 10 is built on the Metro interface. And the problem is that Metro’s interface is too simple. Too simple for most people, at least.

A major bonus that Windows 10 offers over Windows 7 and 8.1 is that it supports multiple users, with each user receiving their own account and settings on the computer. This can be great for families or small businesses, but it can cause a huge headache to the single user who wants to have quick, instant access to a program or file that’s been shared with everyone else.

Nickware is the ultimate app that enables you to optimize, maintain and repair your computer easily, fully, safely and without hassle. Take control over your PC and finally experience what you should every person who owns a computer or smartphone!

Nickware allows you to perform various functions on your PC such as PC Maintenance, Clean, Optimize, Recover and Network Scan.

With Nickware, you can optimize Windows using various methods to improve its performance, clean, and repair it. Clean your computer with one of the best cleaners to remove all sorts of debris and optimize for speed and productivity. Recover your hard drive by restoring it and get back everything that was lost or corrupt. Take care of your PC by enabling automatic scheduled maintenance every day and configuring the option to scan your computer’s health from time to time.

Nickware is the first software that solves all the problems which users face daily with their computers in a simple, clean and user-friendly interface. Nickware takes an easy and more accessible approach for PC optimization,

What’s New In NickWare Essential O?

NickWare Essential O is a simple and minimalistic application that offers easy and simple to use set of features suitable for all kinds of users.
Great statistic list that enables you to monitor, record, and analyze the way your PC’s system is being used
NickWare Essential O comes with a list of statistics that aim to keep you in the know of how your PC is being used and what is its general health. The report combines several sources and, in addition to collecting pertinent information on overall disk usage and processor usage, it can also list essential software and hardware details.
Great and easy-to-use tools and a handy interface that make it possible to clean and optimize your PC’s system
NickWare Essential O also features a series of cleaning tools that enable users to free up system resources, and it features additional utility that gives users the means to optimize their PC. Other features include a system health check that will allow you to monitor and detect a number of problems that your system might be experiencing and a set of features that enable users to monitor the history and speed of their system.
Device wise data management that keeps track of all your devices connected to the Internet
The app comes equipped with a Device Wise Data feature that aims to gather all the information on all of your connected devices and analyze it. Once that process is done, users will be able to export the information to a Microsoft Excel format, which is a free format.
Well known and commonly used tool will help you get control of your system and its network connections
NickWare Essential O also comes with a sophisticated Network List that contains details about the way your system connects to the Internet and offers, among other information, the IP address of the router and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) details.

NickWare Essential O Description:

NickWare Essential O is a simple and minimalistic application that offers easy and simple to use set of features suitable for all kinds of users.

NickWare Essential O 2.8.7 – Design & Build your own home

NickWare Essential O 2.8.7 – Design & Build your own home NickWare Essential O 2.8.7 – Design & Build your own home Written by : NickWare Apps AndroidThere are many tablet users who don’t want to limit themselves to using only a handful of great apps. Since the most popular OS nowadays are Android and iOS, why can’t there be something available for those people who don’t want to compromise

System Requirements For NickWare Essential O:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 (only 32-bit operating system is supported)
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 1024MB of video memory
DirectX: 9.0c compliant video card with 1024MB of video memory
Hard Drive: 50MB of free space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compliant
Internet: Broadband connection recommended
Additional Notes: Must have an internet connection to download the game