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Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime is a package developed by Microsoft in order to make it possible for users to run applications that have been generated by the Office Developer Tools component inside Visual Studio.
Although it was initially designed for Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft extended support for Visual Studio 2012 as well, along the development of the solution. The package has built-in support for operating systems ranging from XP and Server 2003 to the newest iterations, including Windows 8 and 8.1.
The runtime is included in the installation package of Visual Studio and Office 2010 and 2013 by default, but it can be downloaded separately and deployed easily. Please note that Office (2007 to 2013) is a compulsory dependency and so is NET Framework (either 3.5 or 4).
The installation process takes little time and requires very little efforts on the user side. The language of the system is automatically detected during the setup and used throughout the process.
However, provided that you’ll be using the runtime on installations of Windows in a language other than English, the switch to the new language should be performed automatically in most cases.
With this package installed, users will be able to launch and make use of applications that have been developed in Visual Studio 2010 with the Office Developer Tools. Most often, it is required for running add-ins and other such Office helpers and is aimed more at end users rather than developers.









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*** Incase you have some of your important documents or photos
in an unexpected place on your computer, this powerful file manager will help you easily find, edit, and organize all your photos, videos, music, and PDF files.
• Fully Customizable:

To get the most out of this program, you can switch between the searchable tree and the flat list display options.
When in the latter mode, you can select individual folders or files, and even change the sorting order. This will make it easy to find the files that you want to work with in a matter of seconds.
Regardless of the mode you choose, Picture Organizer can always display all the relevant content inside the folder, such as filename, extension, size, date, and thumbnail.
This helpful program is equipped with additional options including Custom Sort, Create Folders, Import/Export and more. The program comes with a scheduler which helps you to set up a schedule to automatically back up your important data on a regular basis.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Description:
Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC and Mac) is an all-in-one PDF reader for Windows. It can open and view PDF files, fill out forms and annotations, and also convert PDF documents into a number of other formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
Key features:
• The ability to quickly locate, view, and navigate PDF documents on a web browser, open, print, copy, and email them
• Preview documents for formatting issues, read inaccessible content, and track changes or annotations
• PDF creator and annotation tool to create PDF documents from other applications and save them to PDF, edit them in various ways, and create templates
• PDF reader and PDF editor to open, view, print, copy, convert, and annotate PDF documents
• Use Adobe Acrobat Reader as a standalone application or integrate it with other Adobe solutions (e.g. Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Connect, Acrobat for Android, Acrobat for iOS, etc.)
• Provides a variety of security features to protect users against malware and phishing schemes
• Can help users create and edit PDF documents
• Integrates with other Adobe products to provide a broader set of functionality
• Locate, view, and print PDF documents
• Export and convert PDF documents to other formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Flash files, and more
• View images, draw in PDFs, and annotate them

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Picture Organizer Crack For Windows is a powerful tool to rename, move, resize and filter pictures and videos. It can be used to rename picture collections and organize images as well as their folders.
Key Features:
– Rename pictures and videos using image filters.
– Choose picture extension to process.
– Move pictures and videos from one folder to another.
– Remove duplicate files.
– Manually select a desired folder to be processed.
– Resize pictures and videos.
– Edit picture size, quality, HDR and white balance.
– Move pictures and videos to folders.
– Create custom photo filters.
– Rotate images and video in any direction.
– Protect images with password.
– Cut images into blocks and save as PNG.
– Organize your pictures with keywords.
– Import and export pictures from photo gallery.
– Show image EXIF information.
– Optimize image size.
– Select image size.
– Optimize image quality.
– Optimize picture white balance.
– Add text watermark to pictures.
– Edit picture metadata.
– Clone image.
– Auto rotate.
– Select single image.
– Compose images.
– Rotate images clockwise and counter clockwise.
– Zoom.
– Resize images to any size.
– Move images to different folders.
– Move images between virtual folders.
– Split large images into blocks.
– Paste images from clipboard.
– Cut images.
– Split image into blocks.
– Create custom photo filters.
– Rotate images.
– Crop images.
– Merge images.
– Pad images.
– Copy images.
– Paste images.
– Resize images.
– Sort images.
– Image effects.
– Adjust brightness.
– Adjust contrast.
– Adjust saturation.
– Adjust gamma.
– Adjust sharpness.
– Adjust hue.
– Adjust lightness.
– Adjust whiteness.
– Adjust blackness.
– Adjust color.
– Adjust temperature.
– Adjust color temperature.
– Sharpen images.
– Smoothen images.
– Apply noise.
– Apply grain.
– Apply bubble.
– Apply posterization.
– Apply blurring.
– Apply dithering.
– Apply vignette.
– Apply saturation.
– Apply sepia.
– Apply contrast.
– Apply jpeg jpg.

Picture Organizer Crack + Free [Mac/Win]

– Move and rename pictures in bulk
– Filter images by their extension
– Take control of your picture collection
“Picture Organizer is a very capable utility for batch operations on picture collections, such as renaming them, filtering them by their extension and moving them to different locations. It is a great tool for Windows XP and Vista users.”

Quick Finder is a software application designed to perform various tasks on your computer.
Quick Finder Description:
Quick Finder is a small, easy-to-use and powerful software that will quickly solve many problems of everyday life.

Image tools and batch rename are very useful when working on huge image collections or if you have a large number of images residing in your hard disk. They allow you to rename or move them in bulk and move them between folders and computer media easily and quickly.

Image tools and batch rename is designed to be a free and useful software to handle image collections. It is used to rename or move image collections between computers and folders. You can rename any kind of image, including all different types of formats, all formats for Windows and OS X, all popular image file extensions, or any other filenames. It supports drag-and-drop and cut-and-paste operations and performs operations on multiple files and directories in a single click. Image tools and batch rename is especially useful for those people who have huge image collections or those who have a large number of images residing in their computer. With Image tools and batch rename you can rename and move images in a bulk, renaming thousands of files with a single click. Image tools and batch rename is a lightweight and an easy-to-use software for mass renaming and image moving.

Paint Free Express is an easy-to-use painting software for Windows. It is designed for those users who prefer to work with the traditional painting methods, while still being able to create high-quality works of art. It is a paint program that offers a broad spectrum of features for both professional and amateur artists. With its help, you will be able to create colorful images and illustrations, using such drawing, painting and drawing techniques as pre-saved strokes and automated brushes.

Simple Paint can be used for both artistic and non-artistic purposes. The program allows you to create a wide variety of images and illustrations, including paintings, portraits, graffiti and other kinds of art.
The program also comes with a built-in brush editor, which allows you to create your own brush and save

What’s New in the Picture Organizer?

This simple yet useful app allows you to arrange your images, videos, music and text documents. It's a pretty smart organizer, packed with an easy-to-use interface, tons of advanced options, and useful, useful extras.
This simple yet useful app allows you to arrange your images, videos, music and text documents. It's a pretty smart organizer, packed with an easy-to-use interface, tons of advanced options, and useful, useful extras.
The interface and the app are fairly organized, with a prominent help and document menu that lets you browse the contents of your image and text file collections. The app is rather simplistic, with only basic features like resizing, rotation, sliding, sorting, etc. However, it does offer some powerful tools for a little money. You get a slideshow creator, a file manager, and an email client.
The slideshow creator lets you create and configure a slideshow based on the images in your albums. You can use both built-in and third-party transitions like fade, slide, wipe, and cross. You also get the option to add text captions and add special effects like emboss, sobel, edge, and blur to the display.
The file manager is a very powerful application, designed to organize your files and images. You can browse through the PC to find photos, videos, music and text files in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
The app comes bundled with a built-in email client that lets you send and receive emails from your friends. There are many useful settings like auto-sorting, auto-reply, and offline email support. You can set your favorite addresses and send your own email directly from the app.
You can add your own favorite FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP addresses to the application. However, you don't have access to them when you're offline.
So, what are you waiting for? Here's what you get for $2.99:
The slideshow maker allows you to create, customize and send an email slideshow.

Open your image and slideshow creator with a single touch.
Add transition effects to your slideshow
You can even apply the custom transition effects that you want. You can easily customize the transition effects. And you can add a caption to each image and edit the photo text.
Specify the size of the display
Customize the display size of your slideshow.
Preview your slideshow
Take a look at your slideshow and send it to your friends.

Pic Manager Review

Pic Manager Review is a program developed by Klare Software. The software installer includes 11 files and is usually about 30.00 MB (31,377,113 bytes). For comparison, the average size of the software here on Softsub.org is 1.75 MB

System Requirements For Picture Organizer:

It requires two computers; (i.e. a gaming computer that can play the game and a PC that is dedicated to testing. This is to avoid causing crashes). It is recommended that the two computers have the following specifications;
– PC:
– Processor: Intel Core i5 7500 3.2 Ghz or equivalent
– Memory: 6 GB
– Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB
– Video Output: 720p
– Operating System: Windows 7 x64 (32 bit)
– Internet Connection: Internet required