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– Read a logfile from a specified directory and analyze it
– Generate some statistics based on the channel messages
– Provide HTML generation for all generated data
– Supports support for different protocols
– Supports different chat clients, such as X-Chat, mIRC,
Eggdrops, and etc
– Some data like the number of messages can be viewed by
just clicking a link. However, most of the date
needs to be extracted via PHP
– Why use pisg Full Crack?
– 1. Very easy to use.
– 2. Some people might think that the number of messages
is just something random and it has no
technical meanings.
– 3. It is a funny idea. 馃檪
– 4. People like to read the statistics and see what
the chat is doing.
– Why not use the number of messages directly?
– 1. Using the number of messages directly might not give
any information, such as the number of
the prefix and suffix.
– 2. Using the number of messages directly might not give
as much information as the actual statistics.
– 3. It’s a funny idea. 馃檪
How to use pisg Free Download?
– The best way to use pisg Cracked Version is to use it through a commandline.
There are some commandline options to
customize the use of pisg.
– You might want to use pisg from a scheduled job.
You can do this by downloading the
latest version and extracting it somewhere.
– Extract the “setup.exe” from the zip file and run the
“setup.bat” command, and follow the instructions.
– These instructions explain how to use pisg from a
commandline. You can also generate an HTML file
that displays information about each channel,
as well as the statistic results.
See here for
more detailed instructions on how to use pisg.
How to use pisg from an crontab?
– You can automatically run pisg at a certain time.
It can be configured to run in the background.
– 1. To install pisg, extract the zip file and place it in
your “cron/task/path” directory.
– 2. Edit the file “cron/pisg.tcl”. You might need to
edit some of the items.
– 3. Make your new cron/task/path dir for

Pisg PC/Windows

Pisg is an open source Unix program written in C. It can be used to analyse and report statistics on a logfile from an IRC client. (Read the README.)
Pisg was originally written by Morten Nissen (aka krzysiek), now it is maintained by Khem Raj (aka mjrit).
This includes converting to and from the cool new log format!
Example Usage:
Pisg can now be run directly from the logfile or from the command line.
If you just want to generate some stats from your existing logfile, then use the following instructions:
路 Open up a file called ‘pisg.cfg’ (This is optional, but recommended.)
路 You probably want the stats on your web server (unless you want to keep your stats on your own computer, so you can update them yourself…)
路 Make sure your logfile is in the correct format. See examples here.
路 Run “pisg.pl -f /path/to/your/file” from the command line.
When you’re done, stop pisg by running “pisg.pl -f null”
路 If you want to keep the pisg.cfg file around, this is the command you use: “pisg.pl -f /path/to/your/file -c /path/to/your/pisg.cfg”
These instructions assume you want to keep all the stats to one HTML file, and you don’t have a pisg.cfg file handy.
If you want to output a series of HTML files, then you should use this command: “pisg.pl -f /path/to/your/file -p /path/to/your/pisg.cfg”
You can also output stats to your own machine (so you can update them yourself!) by using the command “pisg.pl -f /path/to/your/file -p /path/to/your/pisg.cfg -b /path/to/your/stats.html”
Note: The stats.html file will still be overwritten everytime you run pisg.pl, which is why you should do it from a cronjob.
If you want to output to a website that will put your stats into a database, you can use the ‘db_mode’ parameter in p


pisg is a PHP script that takes IRC channel chat history, analyzes it and outputs some statistics in HTML format (i.e. “Hi, how’s it going?” -> “Not bad at all, seeing as I haven’t been shot yet. What’s new? Oh, only a few people have become famous within the last 24 hours, thanks to the new YouTube video competition.” ).
pisg works by parsing the IRC logfile and then generates statistics from it and produces HTML snippets out of it.
It analyzes one channel at a time and should work with any IRC Client that can send its logs to files.
路 You can view the stats in realtime (any browser)
路 You don’t need to configure anything for it to work
路 You can print your (selected) statistics to a file for offline usage
路 You can output the stats of several channels at once
pisg Usage:
pisg can be run in two modes:
路 “manual mode” – it will just parse a channel’s logs for you (recommended)
路 “auto mode” – it will run through a server’s logfile for you
The “manual” mode is just that – manual. No scripting.
The “auto” mode is a little bit different. pisg will:
– Open a new browser window that shows the HTML statistics from the chatlog server
– Check with the server if it allows to open private chatrooms
– Open a new chat window showing the stats in that chatroom
The “manual” mode works best if you want to view the stats in realtime. You can manually edit what stats to show (and put in the selected format), while the “auto” mode is better if you want statistics for a while. You can download the HTML stats from it and create your own “static” stats page for them.
pisg Requirements:
路 pisg needs PHP Version 5.2 and higher
pisg Configuration:
pisg stores its configuration file “./irc.ini” in your script’s directory.
The config file is of the following format (defined in the config.txt):
line1=your channel or user@hostname
line2=your irc server
line3=your irc port
line4=your irc nick
line5=your irc user
line6=your irc pass

What’s New In?

pisg is a simple perl script for analyzing IRC logfiles. It provides some basic statistics to make statistics with. You can view some of the statistics at:
pisg Requirements:
路 Any newbie perl script! (That’s easy! [See the script] If you don’t know perl, you can always search for “Perl tutorials” on Google, or just start here: and visit the documentation for the items you don’t know)
路 Any IRC client or bot! (e.g. mIRC, mIRC6, X-chat, mbot, muh)
路 A web server! (i.e. on the same machine with the IRC client)
pisg How-to:
In order to use pisg, download the latest files.
1) Go to the download page.
2) Download “pisg-0.1.zip”.
3) Unzip this file.
4) Rename this file “pisg”.
5) Run pisg.
6) That’s all! You’re done!
Windows users: If pisg still gives you trouble, you can download pisg.cpp and pisg.h from
And you can compile pisg with no errors by going to the folder where you have unpacked pisg. You will be given an option to “build” pisg, or “run” it. Run it if you can find a pisg binary in the folder.
For help, go to the pisg page!
Pisg Help
pisg help
Usage: pisg -h or -?
–help Show this screen.
-h or –help Show this screen.
–version Show version number
# Time the statistics were updated
# The maximum messages that were in the logfile.
# The number of lines the max message was on.
# The number of lines that were selected.
# The number of lines that were joined.
# The number of lines that were joined (and modified)
# The number of lines that were ignored.
# The number of lines that were skipped.
# The maximum date the stats were updated.
# The maximum date the

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Dual-Core or equivalent processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card with 128 MB video RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0 compatible video card (also compatible with AMD 64 and Intel 64)
Hard Drive: 16 GB available hard drive space
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card