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Serial Tracker is a lightweight finance and business program designed specifically for helping you track software-related goods sold in a computer store. The tool is able to save serial number data and monitor faulty items.
Not so impressed by the plain looks
The application does not excel in the visual department. It doesn’t provide support for a coherent feature structure and intuitive configuration settings.
There’s support for a help manual in case you have questions about the program’s capabilities.
Store goods
Serial Tracker offers you the option to add information about a new product by entering details about serial number, supplier, invoice number, date of invoice, component, description, warranty, and returned data.
What’s more, you can go to the previous or next record from the list, jump to the first or last entry, delete or edit goods, and refresh the information with a single click.
You are allowed to perform searches throughout the entire database, view all goods in a grid-like display, and export grid data to DBF file format.
Reports and other features
Serial Tracker gives you the possibility to generate different types of predefined reports which are related to full database info, supplier, serial number, invoice number, data between date ranges, component, or returned items.
Several maintenance tools are implemented for helping you store components by proving info about the name and description, as well as suppliers with detailed data about name, address, telephone number, email address and notes. You may print the lists with components and suppliers, and remove data from the database.
Bottom line
To sum things up, Serial Tracker doesn’t come with something new in the finance and business software area. It actually needs several updates and a major facelift for being able to provide a clean and intuitive working environment. You can make use of its features especially if you are the owner of an old operating system, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 2003.

This is a must-have desktop manager.
To use it correctly, you need to make sure to have a very good understanding of UNIX file system, but if you are familiar with other file system manager, it’s pretty easy.
It supports SFTP and FTP protocols, it is very light weight, but highly configurable. It also supports Windows 7 style folder view and has support for exporting all the folders at once.
Its User interface is very simple and if you don’t use it, it can look like a “DOS” window

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KEYMACRO is a specialized solution for software developers, IT personnel, corporate partners and corporations which need to sign Mac OS X applications at the bottom of the binary without requiring any modifications to the application code.
KEYMACRO enables you to easily and safely sign applications in the Mac OS X system, no matter what type of application – utility, framework, application bundle, application package or application bundle and application package.
What’s KEYMACRO key?
KEYMACRO key is the unique developer key which you must have when you want to sign applications using KEYMACRO.
How to get KEYMACRO key?
You can get your key from The KEYMACRO key is a 128-bit Base64 encoded string which is available free of charge at
How to use KEYMACRO key?
KEYMACRO is an application for using the key. It does not modify any applications or SDKs, no matter what the destination platform. KEYMACRO simply supports the application signing from Mac OS X, without any modifications.
What’s difference between’mydeveloper’ and ‘keymacro’?
As the name suggests,’mydeveloper’ has an identical function to ‘keymacro’. However, ‘keymacro’ is ‘lighter’ than’mydeveloper’. KEYMACRO has a simpler command-line interface and does not require you to generate and maintain an own developer certificate.
– Supports application signing at Mac OS X 10.6 and above.
– No changes are necessary to your code.
– Works with all types of applications including application bundles and application packages.
– Simplicity and efficiency.
– No complicated step to generate a key.
– Not tied to any vendor, package or bundle.
– Works from any third party code without any modifications.
– No need to create a developer certificate.
– Works from a command-line without any graphical interface.
– Easily upgrade, no need to reinstall the application.
– No change to Mac OS X 10.6.
– No installation, no configuration.
– Generate a secure 128-bit key for each project.
– Supports developers from all over the world.
1. Why there are two application names’mydeveloper’ and ‘keymacro’?
‘Keymacro’ is an

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KEYMACRO is a program specially designed for computer users. With it, users can easily access all type of files, such as Windows Registry, Windows Shell, Core Windows, Autorun, Start Menu, Desktop, Run, Documents, C:\ProgramData, etc. KEYMACRO is compatible with Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP. Key Macro is a GUI and it will help users in accessing any registry data and Registry editing easily. There are several sophisticated Key Macro related tools such as: RegInfo.exe, RegEdit, Macro Recorder, Macro, RegScan, RegQuery, DeleteKey, RegCreate, Savekey, RunMacro, RunService, RunProgram, etc. Key Macro is one of the best solution in the industry.
Key Macro Features:
Key Macro includes a number of features to help users to quickly access all type of registry related data.
Key Macro – 1. RegInfo.exe, RegEdit, Macro Recorder, Macro. The RegInfo.exe tool is available on the Start Menu as a shortcut which enables users to access various Registry related data in a simple way. The RegEdit and Macro tools are used to record RegEdit keystrokes. You can also use the macro recorder to record Macro action.
Key Macro – 2. Macro, RegCreate, RunMacro, RunService, RunProgram. It has a compact design and user-friendly interface. The user can easily record or play any keystrokes. Macro is a very easy and light-weight tool to help users make backups of the Registry data. It can also be used to access every single folder or file on your system.
Key Macro – 3. DeleteKey, SaveKey, RunService, RunProgram. You can use it to delete or modify registry related data easily. With it, you can also run any batch file or create shortcuts. SaveKey and RunService are used to save Registry data, and RunProgram is used to run any Windows application.
Key Macro – 4. RunMacro, RunService, RunProgram. It enables users to use Key Macro to open a file. You can also use it to use the built-in command-line tool. RunMacro, RunService, and RunProgram are used to run a batch file or launch an exe file.
Key Macro – 5. RegQuery, RegScan, RegCreate. The RegQuery tool is used to get the information about every registry key, value, string, etc.

What’s New In Serial Tracker?

Software helps to keep track of software-related goods sold in a computer store.
Key features:
– Track software-related goods
– Prevent goods being returned
– Allows you to return
– Keep an eye on serial numbers
– Store goods by serial number


Microsoft Money ® – January 2009
Microsoft Money ® is a personal finance and business program designed specifically for Windows. It was originally developed by Intuit in 1993 and rebranded to Microsoft Money as of 2000. Its main competitor is Quicken, which also runs on the Windows platform.


Consolidated Billing Manager ® – January 2009
Concordance Billing Manager allows you to quickly manage your client billing software installation with a database of client information that you enter directly into the software. It allows you to add new clients and client information to the database, then import billing records directly from your billing software. You can save the information and print the client data. If the client is in a special group, you can set the default field values for the client, so you don’t have to fill in the same information over and over again. This is an advanced billing management program designed specifically for billing software.


PYCli, the Python CLI tool – January 2009
PYCli is a Python command-line interface tool. It was developed specifically for scripting automation with Python. It was written to be independent of Python packages, and to not require a Python installation. You can use it for scripting, but it can also be used as a general purpose command-line interface. It can be used in scripts, or used as a toolbox with an interactive CLI.


3dExplorer – January 2009
3dExplorer is a graphical 3D modelling tool for Windows. It features a standard modeler, scripting, import/export in standard formats, the ability to load and save custom meshes and the ability to paint a model with brushes. It also has a built-in help system, a 3D previewer, a camera, instant snapping to objects and a scripting language.


NavigationDrawer – January 2009
NavigationDrawer is an information visualization system for navigation problems. It allows you to interactively create and navigate a graph or network of objects, routes and transitions between them.

Freeware Annotation Tools – January 2009 Annotation Tools (DAT) is a freeware library of tools for creating and publishing annotations. These tools are available for a range of file formats, including PDF, SVG, EPS and SVGZ.


Python GUI Toolkit and Application Builder – January 2009
The Python GUI Toolkit and Application Builder (PYGTKAB) is a GUI toolkit

System Requirements:

Mac / Windows – Recommended Spec
64-bit Processor
2.0 Ghz (or faster) processor
4 GB RAM (or more)
16 GB Free Hard Drive Space
DirectX 9.0c
1024×768 Screen Resolution
21 MB hard drive space required
System Requirements:
Internet Explorer 7 (Mac)/Internet Explorer 8 (Windows)
Windows 2000 (or XP)
Mac OS X 10.2.8 (or later)