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Time Traveler is software built specifically for Windows Home Server (WHS).  It is a true WHS add-in which runs directly from the WHS Console. Time Traveler allows you to revert-back to any version of a file stored in a WHS Share.
If you’ve ever lost valuable data: overwriting a file, deleting a file, or simply realized that an older version of a file contained more pertinent information then Time Traveler is for you.
Get Time Traveler and try it for yourself to see what it’s all about!

Time Traveler will only work with Windows Home Server.


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Time Traveler Download With Full Crack features a user interface that is simple to understand and extremely intuitive.
We are in the process of adding more features to Time Traveler. We would appreciate your feedback as we continue to develop the product.

Enjoy your time travel!
~Tony, tech support @ Wanderland Web Development
Download the Time Traveler and use it in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or in any browser.


Time Traveler is no longer available.
There is a replacement that may be of interest:


Reviews say the following:

Installation is simple.
Takes time, but once it’s installed you can’t go back.
Takes more time than it saves.
Requires a lot of clicks to get it to work right.
No undo or undo with edits.

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As stated in other posts on SO I looked at all the other answers and added

Time Traveler Crack For Windows

– Time Traveler Free Download only works on a local network with Windows Home Server installed.
– Time Traveler Full Crack allows you to revert back to any version of a file stored on a WHS Share.
– The “Time Travel” feature is a new feature in Time Traveler v3. It allows you to revert back to any version of a file stored in WHS.
– Time Traveler also allows you to “Revert” a file to a previous time.
– Time Traveler can also function as a macro recorder to record your mouse clicks, keystrokes, and other actions.
– Time Traveler is 100% compatible with Windows Home Server 2008 R2 as well as Windows Home Server 2008.
– Time Traveler v2.0 will only work with Windows Home Server 2007.
– Time Traveler v3.0 is fully compatible with Windows Home Server 2012.
– Time Traveler v3.0 also functions as a macro recorder.
– Time Traveler v3.0 has been optimized to be the best possible WHS add-in for WHS v3.
– Time Traveler has been built to be a fully functional WHS add-in without any added “innovations” or “tinkering” on the part of the user.
– Time Traveler uses WHS console classes to assist you.
– When Time Traveler runs, it will run as a console application and does not appear as a tray icon.
– Time Traveler cannot function when the WHS Share containing the file you want to revert-back to is not in the same network as the host server.
– Time Traveler can only work if you have administrator rights on your Windows Home Server computer.
– If you only have administrator rights on your WHS computer but do not have WHS admin rights, the WHS Admin will need to grant your computer rights to execute “NtQuerySystemInformation” in order to use Time Traveler.
– If the user does not have WHS Admin rights but does have WHS console rights, the user will need to use the WHS console commands to grant “NtQuerySystemInformation” permission.
– For detailed instructions on how to do this, click here.
Time Traveler Requirements:
– WHS Console Version: 8.0 or higher
– WHS Admin Rights: for the Windows Home Server computer to be able to execute “NtQuerySystemInformation”.
– Minimum WHS console

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Create the following folder hierarchy in your Windows Home Server:

What’s New in the?

Time Traveler is an easy-to-use application designed to help you recover data lost from Windows Home Server (WHS) or other NTFS-based systems.

Time Traveler allows you to search your entire Home Server drive(s) for deleted files, and search up to 10 previous versions of each file that was recovered by reverting-back to one of those files.

Time Traveler can be used on single files or entire folders.

Use Time Traveler to find and restore data that was lost from your WHS share after:

-Overwriting a file
-Deleting a file
-Using another file as a cover-up for something you want to keep private
-Finding a “lost” file on the Server
-Mis-deleting a file and then realizing you’ve lost it forever
-Deleting a whole folder of files (hoping you didn’t delete some important ones)
-Skipping a version of a file to delete all the versions except the one you want to keep

You can use Time Traveler to perform any of the above scenarios on any file that has been deleted.

You’ll be amazed at what Time Traveler can do!

In addition to finding your “lost” files, Time Traveler allows you to search the data stored within the files to find all the data stored in them.

Time Traveler can only search files stored in the shared network drives.
If you use a folder-based storage location on the Home Server instead of a network share, Time Traveler can search the folder that was used to store the files and even the sub-folders that were created inside it.

Time Traveler is a true WHS add-in that runs from the Windows Home Server Console.

To use it, simply select the “Time Traveler” tab in WHS and you will see a list of all the shared network drives on the Home Server (even if they were deleted from the server).

To view the contents of the shared drives that have been added to the WHS Console you must use the Connect to Server command on the File Explorer tab of the WHS Console.

To find all the files on the Home Server you must select the Server tab of the WHS Console, or use the Connect to Server command on the File Explorer tab.

To find the files that were deleted from the Home Server you must select the Files tab and the All Connections option to find all the shared drives on the Home Server.

If you don’t use the Connect to Server command on the File Explorer tab to connect to the Home Server you will not be able to view the Shared Drives that were added to the WHS Console.

If you are using a folder-based storage location instead

System Requirements For Time Traveler:

To experience the full effect of the game, your computer needs to be at least reasonably powerful:
We recommend having a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and a mid-range system:
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 530 or higher and Intel Core i5-3610 @ 2.6 GHz or higher or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or higher
You should be able to have a smooth gameplay experience at 1024×768 resolution and full HD.
Memory: 2 GB or higher
The game needs a fairly large amount of hard