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Developer and programmer, Tim Gifford, authored the only font editor application that supports both TrueType and PostScript to efficiently create Adobe Type 1 (.afm), TrueType (.ttf), and PostScript (.pfa) font files. Working in conjunction with TypeLightView, the world’s leading font designer and authoring utility, this software is perfect for creating stunning Type 1, TrueType, and PostScript fonts, display fonts, and artwork. TypeLight is ideal for creating type, editing fonts, and setting up/editing fonts for use in printing and the web.

TypeLightView is your key to fast and easy font customization and editing that is easy, powerful, and affordable. It gives you fast access to the font authoring power of TypeLight, with the ability to replace words, resize letters, add and remove characters, create and edit boxes, grids, and frames, create custom glyphs for letters or digits, and output into TrueType (.ttf), PostScript (.pfa), and many other formats.

TypeLightView Features:

– Create and edit OpenType fonts and files from a single tool
– Auto-detect and preview fonts from the font list
– Export to all major font formats
– Create new font from a template in a couple of minutes
– Add or remove OpenType characters
– Resize font glyphs
– Include all OpenType features in your font (Ellipses, Outlines, Typoforms, Typographic Extras)
– Create OpenType features using shapes
– Add and remove OpenType Features
– Edit lettershapes
– Quickly resize letters with TTTip
– Add or remove lettershapes
– Create complex OpenType features from shapes
– Copy and paste custom lettershapes
– Create and edit OpenType features using the letter states
– Protect a font from printing
– Set OpenType features as user-defined options
– Replace one or more words in a font
– Create and edit PostScript files for printing
– Put PostScript control files in OpenType format

All programs from the Typography Web Design Suite let you design and build your own website and logo, as well as edit and create your own typeface, with a bunch of editing tools, settings, and features.
So, you can create a new home page, select or create a template, choose a font, border, pixel size, column width, and color, as well as edit the main

Type Light Product Key 2022

An advanced font editor for TrueType and PostScript files.It has the ability to create new TrueType and PostScript fonts, modify existing ones, and convert fonts to different formats.
Key Features:
Easy to use interface.
Support for TrueType (.ttf) and PostScript (.otf) fonts.
A variety of tools for creating, modifying and converting TrueType and PostScript fonts.
Creation of TrueType and PostScript fonts:
– Changing font metrics (Type 1, TrueType, PostScript fonts).
– Changing point setting (italic, bold, bold italic).
– Trimming points.
– Transformation of font points.
Font editing:
– Using guides.
– Geometric control.
– Creating masks for editing.
– Offset path for creating sharp corners.
– Editing path.
– Resetting the points.
– Line conversion.
PostScript font editing:
– Using the PostScript editor tool.
– Opening and saving postscript files.
– Creating new postscript files.
– Rasterizing postscript files for printing.
Glyph editing:
– Changing the name of glyphs.
– Previewing filled characters.
– Repositioning rows and columns.
– Remapping charecters to other glyphs.
– Rotating rows.
– Squaring rows.
– Reversing rows.
– Flipping rows.
– Swapping glyphs.
– Adding comma and point to the name.
– Renaming glyphs.
– Deleting glyphs.
Color conversion:
– Converting TrueType fonts to the PostScript colour mode.
– Changing TrueType fonts to PostScript colour mode.
– Converting TrueType fonts to the TrueType colour mode.
– Converting PostScript fonts to TrueType colour mode.
Other features:
– Powerful text editing.
– Help file.
– Script font editing (PostScript fonts).
– All fonts are editable (TrueType and PostScript fonts).
– Save state.
– Rasterizer.
– Font catalog.
– Converter from PostScript to TrueType.
– Converter from TrueType to PostScript.
– Custom font mapping.
– Character preview.
– Save files to HTML, GIF and PNG formats.
– Add-ons.


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Type Light

Starting with version 3.0, Type light is an open source program for Windows. Its main goal is to offer you the possibility to easily create and edit OpenType fonts. It includes several editing tools, including a high precision graphics editor, so you can draw shapes for the characters by hand and place them with ease. In addition, you can create patterns that can be used for underlining or coloring the characters. Create your own text style by adding not only the style applied to each letter, but also the page size. You can easily edit the font using a WYSIWYG editor, so you can use the program to generate or change the font. Type light can also let you preview the fonts by selecting a specific character, adding it to the text, then clicking on the Preview button. This will display your text on a blank page or in an HTML document. The Font Inspector tool provides additional information about the font, including its copyright, copyright date, original format, the number of glyphs, the number of unique characters and size. Moreover, you can edit it or change its features. The Font Manager tool lets you create a new font, change the fonts already installed on your system, edit the fonts by tag, change them from a list, move them to the desktop, print them, or save them to a file. In addition, you can copy or move fonts from one folder to another. Finally, you can search for fonts by name or by extension to update their installation.
You can synchronize the programs font library with the program’s Font Managers or with Windows Live, which can also auto-update the fonts. Additionally, you can save and export fonts, so that you can import them into other programs.
Download size: 4.21 MB

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What’s New in the?

Type light is a program that lets you create and edit fonts. After creating your font, you can share the font or let Type light convert the font to PostScript (OTF) or TrueType (TTF) formats. Type light can be used to create fonts as old as the 16th century, and it can convert the font to TrueType or PostScript so it can be used with third-party programs.
Type light is a powerful tool for beginners and also for professionals. It allows you to create fonts from scratch, edit existing fonts, quickly create and convert fonts to PostScript (OTF) or TrueType (TTF) formats, edit point properties, and much more.
Type light has a very powerful tool for creating new fonts. There are a variety of toolbars to make it easy to create the metrics for your font. Each tool is self-explanatory so you will be able to use it in no time. You can easily use different toolbars for creating different font styles.
If you are trying to find the exact measurements for your font, you can use the grid feature to specify the grid size. The measure feature is used to fine-tune the measurements. You can set the point size with the point size feature.
You can also use the Point feature to precisely create the point size, leading and tracking values. You can draw and edit the dimensions of the font by using the Contour feature. You can draw straight lines and curves with a pen or round corners with a selection tool.
The OpenType feature is used to specify the OpenType font properties. You can also select different character sets and choose to highlight the characters by using the Glyph feature. Type light has tools for editing the point properties, changing the grid size, preview fills, alter the glyph metrics, view glyph information, reverse or flip the contours, change the window mapping mode (code pages, Unicode scripts, or glyph list), as well as undo and redo actions. Type light also allows you to change the font name, copyright information, and Unicode name.
The character map feature is used to make sure that you are using a character set correctly. You can add new characters to the character map, convert the character set, view character list, search for a character, modify the character mapping, and copy the character mapping. The character map feature has multiple views, including the character map, character list, table, and master.

System Requirements For Type Light:

Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit
Processor: Dual-core AMD Phenom II X2 5000 series with AMD Radeon HD 6550D graphics or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM (for Windows 7) or Windows 8
Graphics: DirectX 11-compatible GPU with 2048 MB (AMD Radeon HD 5000 series or equivalent)
HDD: 8 GB available hard drive space
Broadband Internet connection and CD/DVD-writer or a broadband Internet connection and a USB storage device to save your CD/DVDs are required for installation