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1. You are watching a movie, or the sound become too loud, the picture becomes too poor, and suddenly your screen resolution reduces. You may need to change it back.
2. While the TV is on standby, or you are watching video clips from the video library, your screen resolution reduces to save battery power. You may need to change it back.
3. While you are playing a game, or you visit an online map, or you are watching a show, you may want to change your screen resolution temporarily to see it better.
4. You may want to change the screen resolution to a higher resolution for your desktop, or to your TV for displaying a higher resolution video.
5. You may use VividSwitcher Crack Keygen to change the desktop icons. And the screen resolution can be restored to its original state anytime, but it will not mess up your desktop.
6. You can also use the program to control the power of the TV.
7. You can also use the program to adjust your monitor’s brightness, contrast and color tint.
8. It is very easy to use and install.
9. The license of this software is free for any use.
10. The software supports all types of Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95, etc.
11. After the software is activated, you may use it within 30 days without problems.
12. In any case, please let me know if you have any problems. And I would like to know if it does not work. I can find out the problem.
13. Also, I am interested to know if there is a better way to change the resolution.

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* A utility that you can change the resolution of your screen temporarily, and restore it.

* It can help you change the resolution temporarily, by reducing it, while you are watching online movies or playing games, you can make the picture more clear. Then restore the resolution automatically.

* It doesn’t move your desktop icons. No matter whether your desktop is big or small, it will never touch your desktop and icons.

* No need to rearrange your desktop icons.

* You can recover your screen by choosing the restore function on the application menu, or quit the program directly.

* Support the Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems.

* If you are a Windows users, you can register this product to get the complete features, while you are a Mac users, you can still get the basic functions you need to play online movies and games, without registering.

* This software can create key shortcuts for the shortcuts of its functions. You can just click these shortcuts to start it.

* Support skin support.

* Multiple languages available.

* PC and MAC version available.



* Some Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems set the permission rights to the computer as administrator when Windows is installed. In this case, VividSwitcher Serial Key can’t run normally on the computer, but it runs well on the computer if you remove the permission rights for the computer and run it yourself. It also runs well when it is run on a computer of which you have given the permission rights.

* Do not install it on computers belonging to others.

* This software is made by a developer. It contains a piece of software or in inovative technology that it may not run on some computer systems.

* If you encounter the trouble that the picture is not played when you run this software, then please close the running program and uninstall it first, and then run it again. You can also use the “Add to startup” option on the application menu to add the program to the system startup automatically, or in the “Registry” option on the application menu, to register the program to the system registry so that it is more convenient to run it in the next time.

* If you encounter the trouble that your computer’s system sounds cannot be played after you change the resolution, then you need to close the running program and uninstall it first, and then run it again.

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VividSwitcher is an easy-to-use yet very powerful resolution changer that will not only change your screen resolution, but also automatically arrange your desktop by restoring the screen resolution after you quit VividSwitcher. VividSwitcher is the only screen changer that does not move, delete, or restore desktop files, icons, or shortcuts.

After you have installed VividSwitcher, you just need to follow these steps:
1. Choose “Change Display Settings” from the VividSwitcher menu.
2. Select the desired resolution for your monitor.
3. Click “Apply” to automatically change the resolution and arrange the desktop.
4. Click “Revert to Default” to automatically restore the screen resolution and desktop to their original positions.

Now, have a wonderful life with a beautiful full screen!


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What’s New In?

* Adjust your desktop resolution to see
* Change your wallpaper to get a new look
* Change to Screen Zoom in/out

VividSwitcher is an inovative software for changing screen resolution.
VividSwitcher can change your screen resolution without re-arranging your desktop icons.
While you are watching online movies, it can help you change resolutions temporarily to make the picture more clear, and then restore the screen and desktop automatically.
Suppose you have many icons on the desktop, and you often have to reduce the resolution temporarily. After the resolution reduces, you may always find that all icons are put at the left-top corner of the desktop by the Windows system. You need to arrange it manually.
This is when VividSwitcher comes in handy. It will only change your screen but never touches your desktop and icons. Your screen can be restored after you choose the restore function on the application menu, or just quit the program directly
VividSwitcher Description:
* Adjust your desktop resolution to see
* Change your wallpaper to get a new look
* Change to Screen Zoom in/out
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System Requirements:

This game requires 32-bit operating system and minimum resolution of 1024×768.
Please note that we are using Oculus Rift Native SDK 1.6.0 and we can’t guarantee support for PC PAL.
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