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Category:Windows 10
Category:Windows 9Open-minded people will be hit hardest by FDA policy changes


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will finalize its guidance this month outlining how it intends to evaluate drugs’ safety and effectiveness. Although the guidance applies to new drugs, it will also affect the pathway for developing drugs that are already available.

Change comes with plenty of unknowns. What’s known, however, is that the new guidelines will likely force drugmakers to undertake novel development strategies. And these strategies, in turn, will hit the wallets of investors and consumers alike.

The FDA released this statement on the guidance: “The guidance applies to the safety, efficacy, and labeling for all types of approved drug products, including existing and new products. When some of these drugs are first approved for commercial marketing, they are called “investigational drugs.””

FDA’s decision not to apply its current clinical trial requirements to existing drugs applies to new drug approvals and also to the continued approval of previously approved products for certain conditions. The FDA has said that this change will result in new processes for evaluating drug safety. This applies to the safety and effectiveness of any drug, whether it is new or existing.

The FDA’s announcement is subject to finalization and publication in the Federal Register, which may occur as early as this coming Thursday. The final version of the guidance will then be released on February 24.

As it moves to implement its plans, however, the FDA is subject to Congressional intervention. In February, for example, the House of Representatives passed a resolution criticizing the FDA and asking it to pause the guidance until it can develop a new rule for evaluating drugs.

“This guidance,” the resolution reads, “drastically expands a program that puts profits before people.”

The FDA has two options when it comes to new drug safety review.

Option 1 is to “expand the scope of the [drug] new drug application [NDA] safety review by inviting applications for expanded use of the drug, for an indication that was not originally approved, or for conditions not originally approved, based on new data generated from ongoing post-marketing observations, including data from spontaneous reports.”

This option will likely let the FDA look past the traditional safety and effectiveness regulatory checkpoints and possibly let the FDA oversee drugs without the FDA�



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